Setting up Voice Call Recording for call centers using Asterisk

A Voice Recording System for Call centers using Asterisk

Asterisk based Indosoft TPV (Third Party Verification) System

The Indosoft TPV system has four main components that work together to provide a very low maintenance third party verification platform for call centers. The four components are as follows:

  • Web Interface
  • Phone Recording Interface
  • Phone Recording Retrieval Interface
  • Storage

Web Interface for the Asterisk TPV Recording

The web interface for the TPV Recording Solution based on Asterisk has three distinct levels of access based on user roles: sysadmin, customers and users (call center agents of the customer). Each of these three roles have different access levels, granting them access to different parts of the system.

Phone Recording Interface

The phone recording interface provides the access point for the call center agents to dial into the recording system. The TPV recoding system will answer calls, record a message and provide a generated verification number. It will save the recording in a database in order to allow for search and retrieval through either the web interface or the call recording retrieval interface.

Call Recording Retrieval Interface

The call recording retrieval interface will allow telephone users to retrieve recordings based on either the verification number or the telephone number. Users will call into the phone retrieval interface, enter the criteria by which they wish to search and then will be presented with a navigable list of recordings that match the entered criterion.


The stored recording files are stored in the file system and are accessible for backup.