Setting up hosted multi-tenant contact center for remote and home agents

Hosted Contact Centers

Indosoft provides technology for hosted Contact Centers, also popularly known Contact Center On-Demand, a complete, scalable, multi-tenant contact center software suite that includes ACD, IVR, CTI, Predictive dialing, voice recording with a complement of powerful administrative and management tools. With improving internet access and VoIP connectivity, contact center as a service has gained in popularity.

Why Q-Suite for your hosted multi-tenant platform?

Q-suite multi-tenant call center software suite for Asterisk is a mature platform capable of providing sophisticated inbound ACD with call routing based on skills and service levels. Q-Suite has a robust self pacing predictive dialer capable of significantly increasing the agent productivity for outbound telemarketing. GUI based wizards allow for easy management of both the inbound and outbound call center suite tenants. The administrator of the multi-tenant call center will provision the tenant and the number of concurrent seats for the tenant. Once provisioned, a tenant will have the ability to setup the call center suite to suit business requirements of the operation.

Features and Tools within Q-Suite

There are a significant number of salient features that make the Indosoft contact center software suite the ideal for hosted multi-tenant deployment. The agent devices can be configured to be either TDM or SIP. The agent screens are web browser enabled and can accommodate third party web applications as well as legacy main-frame emulators. The initial voice connection for the agent is setup by a nail-up call. The campaign management tool allows the creation of multiple lists and each list loading is identified by batch. The powerful script builder tool allows creation custom scripts and integration of web applications on a multi-page format. Hosted contact centers with remote agents offer distinct advantages. It reduces the overhead required in managing and running a premise based call center and makes it very flexible. For the service provider, its multi-tenancy model provides the ability to sell call center as a service.

Multi-tenant Hosted Contact Center Setup with Q-Suite

There are many good reasons to setup hosted contact centers. For individual businesses it gives them an opportunity to take advantage of home agents and eliminate large office space costs. With data centers eager providing quality hardware, internet bandwidth and SIP termination it is a a serious option to consider. For contact center service providers, it is an opportunity to provide contact center on-demand as a service and generate recurring revenue.

Q-Suite will meet the requirements of both individual businesses as well as service providers. It comes with a powerful administrative portal which controls access to the functionality of the contact center based on roles and privileges.

You can find more information about voice quality, codec and bandwidth in our blog.

Contact Center Features

Multi-tenant Management

Q-Suite is a true multi-tenant contact center software allowing you to setup tenant partitions which are seperate. The Admin Portal will allow the Super user to truly control the tenants without having to manage every aspect by enabling all aspects of the contact center except trunk setup and tenant control. The tenant can setup a hierarchy to allow different roles within the organization to view and manage screens and reports pertaining to their role.
  • Setup as many separate tenants with capacity and trunk control
  • Roles and privileges to control access to screens and reports
  • Setup and organize trunks as per tenants
  • Scale according to growth
  • Brand and Customize look and feel

Multi-tenant Outbound Dialer for Asterisk

Dialer Features
Q-Suite offers one of the best self pacing dialer for multi-tenant setup. It can operate in predictive, power and agent-ready mode.
  • Set limits on the number of concurrent dialers for each client
  • Individual Predictive dialer setting per campaign
  • Drop-rate Limit per campaign
  • Limit call setup per second per campaign
  • Allowable Maximum dial-rate
  • Booster rate dialing for low hit-rate
  • Live graph for Agent Status, Dial and Hit-rate, Channel (line) usage

Contact Center Features

Salient features of Q-Suite for Inbound and Outbound Contact Centers
Q-Suite offers the ability to manage and control outbound campaigns and inbound services effectively. You can set up inbound services with multiple DNIS (B-Numbers) and service specific call routing using our GUI based dialplan buidler. There from setting up agents, queues, lists, dialer, scripts and dispositions, all available within simple intuitive graphical user-interface. Q-Suite is truely a contact center in a box for Asterisk.

Key ACD features for Inbound Services
  • Agent pop-up with DNIS (B-Number) CLID (A-Number), Desription
  • Ability to do database dips to match customer record
  • Sophiticated IVR and Call routing using GUI Dialplan Builder
  • Schedule setup based on 'Time of the Day' and Days/Months as well as Calender
  • Skills based routing
  • Queue Prioritization
  • Music on Hold
  • Virtual and Overflow Queues
  • Multi-Tab script pages using Script Builder
  • Custom Wrap-up (Dispositions)
  • Custom DND
  • Interface to your Web based CRM or applications

Key Outbound Campaign Features
  • Multiple Concurrent Campaigns
  • Caller ID Name and Number insertion
  • Dropped call recording
  • Multi-Tab script pages
  • Custom Wrap-up (Dispositions)
  • Predictive and Preview Dialing
  • Agent assignment to Predictive dialing

Planning Infrastructure for Contact Center Hosting

Hosted Contact Center Deployment
Modern data centers provide very good hardware and infrastructure as well as good connectivity. The hardware requirement will be determined by the capacity of the call center. Bandwidth of both voice and data need to be considered. Typically voice requirements will be between The data bandwidth can be around 25-30 Kbps for web intense Agent screens. The other important factor is the overall delay. For good voice quality, the ping time should be in the order of 100 milli-second for VoIP terminations. ISDN PRI E1/T1 is a safe option when VoIP is not readily available. Bonded T1 is becoming very popular in U.S.A.

Contact Center Infrastructure for Remote Agents
  • Good server hardware
  • Adequate Bandwidth
  • Minimum Network delays
  • SIP Termination
  • Agents using SIP soft-phones, IP-Phones or Skype
  • Codec G729 or Skype for Asterisk Licenses

Agent Interface

Agent Web Interface
Q-Suite offers web browser agent screen that can be customized and controlled using a powerful set of tools available within the call center software. An extremely sophisticated Script Builder for creation of scripts with custom variables and embedded URL like any web enabled CRM or web-sites. Custom disposition or wrap-up codes as well as custom DND codes allow for detailed reporting of agent activity.

Agent Web Screen Features
  • Configurable Agent Screen
  • Customizable Screen Layout and Contents
  • Customizable Wrap codes/Dispositions
  • Connection within milliseconds, Hear the 1st 'Hello'
  • Custom Break/DND codes
  • Transfers (Blind/3-way/Consultative)
  • Nail-up and Dial-in feature for Voice
  • Multi-page scripts
  • Client - Customer data and custom fields
  • Get and Post data to your custom web CRM applications
  • Embed your Web Application within the Scripts
  • Integrate our CTI into your existing agent screens
If you are one of those companies who have invested in building native application for the agent CRM and want to integrate CTI into it, we provide a comprehensive set of API interface to the call center software suite. Like many of our existing clients, if you are a vertical outbound call center with special application, our API can accommodate and provide all the necessary interface for the agent to be logged in and receive calls based on "predictive dialing" or be in a blended mode.

Agent .NET API integration
Q-suite offers a very powerful .NET library as well as an OCX library to integrate CTI software into your existing custom and native client applications. The .NET API provides complete access and interface to the call center software and its CTI database. This provides you with the opportunity to make the call center software and its CTI engine to work under the hood with your custom CRM or application.

Socket API integration
Q-suite offers comes with a socket library to allow eas integration of your existing custom CRM or application to the call center software and its database. If you are looking to migrate your vertical application to Asterisk and need a powerful CTI engine with a fully developed ACD, the Q-Suite socket API will provide all the hooks and interface to this powerful call center software.

Contact Center Monitoring and Reports

Indosoft call center software offers detailed cradle to grave reporting for your contact center operations. These reports cover every aspect of the contact center operations. Agent performance, queue performance, lead performance and dialer performance can be monitored real-time.

Inbound Contact Center Reports
  • Real-time Agent Status
  • Real-time Queue Status
  • Agent Time Profile
  • Queue Performance Report
  • Agent Queue Performance Report
  • Agent Disposition & Wrap-up Report
  • Media Dollar Call Tracking (DNIS/DID)
  • Live Listening
  • Listening to Voice Recording
  • Custom Reports
Outbound Contact Center Reports
  • Real-time Agent Status
  • Real-time Dialer Status
  • Agent Time Profile
  • Agent Performance Report
  • Agent Disposition & Wrap-up Report
  • Custom Disposition Report
  • List Performance Report
  • Lead List Status Report
  • Call History Report
Contact Center Monitoring
  • Live Dashboard
  • Ability to Listen in on conversations
  • Ability to Listen to Recording

FAQ - Setting up Hosted Multi-tenant Contact Center

  1. What are the benefits of hosting a contact center?
  2. Hosting is beneficial in a number of ways. If you are a premise based contact center trying to move to home based agents to save real-estate and establishment cost, this is a great way to start. Also, having inhouse technology means expensive IT resources to manage where as hosted provider has shared resources to handle infrastructure. If you are a service provider, hosting is the natural option to offer contact center service on demand.
  3. How do you license Indosoft contact center software Q-Suite?
  4. Q-Suite call center software can be licensed on a per-month usage basis, or a one-time perpetual license can be obtained based on the number of Asterisk servers connected to Q-Suite. Per-month usage licensing is ideal for centers with fluctuating workloads, or fast-growing organizations. Additional services can be licensed in either model. We can provide the required know-how to source the hardware for the call center infrastructure as well as perform the required installation via remote access.
  5. Does Indosoft call center software solution permit blending?
  6. Yes. Indosoft call center software allows blending. A blended contact center agent will be in both outbound campaign as well as inbound service. The agent can be in a predictive dialing campaign making outbound call as well as take calls coming into an inbound DID.
  7. We have our own CRM and agent application. Can we integrate with your call center software to use Asterisk?
  8. We provide a powerful set of API for .NET and well as a socket interface to integrate your application to our CTI Engine. We also have a set of XML interface to our database. It allows your special application to take advantage of the ACD and the Dialer for Asterisk. You organization might have invested and developed powerful user-interface for managing applications like collections, mortage approval, trouble-ticket and specialized domains. It is a straight forrward exercise to integrate the CTI engine of our call center software using our powerful set of API.
  9. Can we get access to the call center software for evaluation?
  10. Yes. After reviewing a web demo of our call center software and determining that it meets the requirements for your call center solution, we will be glad to provide you with access to real working contact center setup at hosted sites.
  11. How long have you been deploying Asterisk based call center software?
  12. We started migrating our contact center software in early 2003. By late 2003, we were deploying Asterisk based call center solutions. Over the next 2 years we rebuilt our ACD to work efficiently with Asterisk. In 2008, we started deploying the multi-tenant version of our call center software suite for Asterisk software.