Inbound ACD and Call Center Software

Inbound ACD and Skills-based Routing for Call Centers

Inbound Call Center Software 
Indosoft offers a full featured Inbound Contact Center Solution to meet specific demands of your business with tools to set up and effectively manage an advanced Enterprise Level Inbound call center on Asterisk PBX. It is a superior platform at far less cost than its legacy peers. Indosoft Inbound GUI tool provides a unified interface for setting up and managing ACD based on Skills, DID, DNIS through Scheduling, Call-routing, IVR and Auto-Attendant, skills based Queues and Agent Setup. 

Inbound Setup and Scheduling 
A Inbound Campaign setup is way to unify the DID/DNIS/Toll Free Number, the call routing, scheduling and the different Queues associated with the information.

Dialplan builder

Create Skills based Queues
You can create as many Queues as desired, each with different characteristics. Queues are created based on factors like Skills and Business Flow. Audio files, such as the introductory message, periodic message and hold audio, can vary by Queue. Indosoft offers the ability to associate a URL either at Campaign (multiple Queues) or DID or Queue level to come up with the Agent Pop-up for a call. 

Skills based queue setup