Call Center Implementation with Asterisk IP-PBX

Call Center Implementation with Asterisk PBX using Indosoft products for Inbound and Outbound.

The Asterisk IP-PBX has come of age, ready for Enterprise Call Center deployment. Technology Managers are realizing that Asterisk can meet their complex demands at a fraction of the price of legacy systems. Asterisk provides a seamless integration to TDM and VoIP and has a powerful set of functionality available for implementing features for both Inbound and Outbound Call Centers. Asterisk can also serve as a media server, a protocol gateway, and a conference bridge. Being one of the earliest to migrate to Asterisk, Indosoft Inc. has a mature Call Center product offering in Asterisk and a wealth of knowledge in deployment and production support all over the world.

Like any large complex software system, Call Center Implementation using Asterisk poses significant challenges. The Call Center technology provider requires profound skills that can be acquired only through the experience of extensive Asterisk deployments in different environments and supporting them during production. At Indosoft, we have matured our Outbound Predictive Dialing and our Inbound Contact Center Solutions through successful deployments. Unlike the legacy systems, Asterisk is open enough to let the technology provider take complete responsibility for problem resolution. In the past we have had a very close look at the source to resolve problems. Contact Centers demand utmost reliability and extremely low downtimes and troubleshooting during deployments is an extremely complicated and skilled challenge that only a select group can handle. Indosoft has an excellent consistent record.

Predictive Dialing poses significant resource constraint on an Asterisk telephony server. As a thumb-rule, contact centers should separate Predictive Dialing from the telephony server handling inbound to mitigate downtime risks. Typically, a top of the line Dual core or Quad core server should be used for every 40 to 50 concurrent agents working on Predictive dialing. With a minimum of 8 to 10 agents working on every Predictive Dialing Campaign, a typical single server Asterisk installation should support five concurrent predictive dialing campaigns. Other factors that consume processing power include voice recording and conversion from one Codec to another.

Indosoft Inc. is a leader in the application of Computer Telephony Interface (CTI) and Voice over IP (VoIP). Indosoft provides fully blended solutions for Contact Centers, Audio Conferencing systems, Real-time call blocking for Do Not Call list enforcement, Hosted PBX, Call Center Applications, Predictive Dialer, IVR and Voice Recording technology based on Asterisk PBX.