Increasing productivity for Outbound Call Centers by using Indosoft Predictive Dialing Technology

The new generation predictive dialers increase productivity by reducing the labor cost required for achieving the desired contact rate. When these predictive dialers are combined with good management tools to setup and manage campaigns effectively, they make a significant difference to the bottom-line.

Outbound dialing includes Predictive, Preview and Agent Ready dialing. In Preview and Agent Ready mode, the dialing software makes one outbound call for every available agent. The principle difference between Agent Ready and Preview is the auto-termination of the Busy and the No-answer. Predictive dialing is a completely different process where the dialer software will pre-determine the number of outbound phone calls to be made based on the number of agents available to take calls at any given moment. Agents will have a live connect typically within 10 to 15 seconds from the time they wrap up the previous call. Implementing new generation predictive dialers with ISDN PRI or VoIP terminations will increase the productivity and reduce labor cost by dramatically reducing the waiting time of the agent to talk to a live person. The overall contact rate could increase over 300 percent in comparison to manual dialing or older tone detection based predictive dialers.

The FCC in United States and the CRTC in Canada have strict guidelines governing dropped calls. Typically when a call is picked up and there are no available agents to answer the call, it gets dropped and the person on the other end does not hear an agent. The PBX running the predictive dialer is expected to play a recorded message announcing the dropped call with details in conformity with the regulation. A good predictive dialing algorithm is a self-pacing control loop and will automatically adjust the pace of the dialing to achieve the desired average "Talk to" time, without exceeding the limit on the dropped calls. The parameters influencing the pace are the quality of leads, the time of day and a statistical measure of the connection and conversation durations in the immediate past. The new generation predictive dialers will not require any manual intervention to manage the dialer.

Indosoft has added advanced tools to mature the outbound platform to be extremely effective. Several simultaneous campaigns can run concurrently with each campaign having its own set of controlled scripts with logical branching. Unique group of call terminations and a field of custom data can be assigned to suit the business needs of the campaign. The live dashboard will provide instantaneous report on the performance of the floor to enable the manager to make quick decision on switching leads or campaigns as well as monitoring individual agent productivity. The Indosoft platform is widely used by clients for telemarketing, fundraising, appointment capture and other business applications.

Indosoft Inc. based in Fredericton, Canada, in its 12th year of operation, currently deploys its Predictive Dialing software on Asterisk IP-PBX platform. The Asterisk IP-PBX can meet complex demand of Predictive Dialing at a fraction of the cost of a legacy system. The Asterisk PBX provides seamless integration to both TDM and VoIP, opening up the long distance and telecommunication connectivity options for the call center. Asterisk has other powerful sets of functionality including the ability to serve as a media server, a protocol gateway, and a conference bridge. All these features put together make Asterisk the overriding choice for a PBX for both Inbound and Outbound Call Center implementation.