Indosoft Enhances its Call Center Software, Q-Suite

Indosoft, a provider of global call center solutions announces enhancements to Q-Suite, its multi-tenant contact center software suite for Asterisk.

Indosoft, a leading provider of call center software for Asterisk announces enhancements to its Q-Suite ACD. Q-Suite stands out as one of a kind with its unique and functional ACD for Asterisk with an evolved API to allow seamless migration to IP telephony. With this enhancement, Agents can be both in 'off-hook' and 'on-hook' mode, allowing contact centers to take advantage of the ACD and its skills-based routing with queue prioritization. Having on-hook agents is convenient when the queue traffic is light, allowing call takers to multi-task with other office work. Off-hook agents are important to large volume contact centers where the system cannot afford to lose time 'waking up' agents for every call by ringing a phone. With this enhancement, Q-suite ACD completes a feature set essential to the deployment of Asterisk in enterprise contact centers. This feature enhancement has been popular not only with conventional contact centers migrating to Asterisk but also with specialized verticals planning CTI migration to IP telephony using Asterisk.

Another key enhancement to the Q-Suite ACD for Asterisk is the development of a detailed Call Detail Record (CDR) using universal identifiers to track a call from cradle to grave. Modern contact centers demand fine granularity in call center activity reporting. With this CDR, contact centers will have the ability to report complete detail for Agent, ACD and Queue Activity. This further enhances the already detailed reporting capability of Q-Suite.

During the migration of Indosoft call center software from legacy CTI telephony to Asterisk beginning in 2003, we recognized a need for creating a separate ACD layer with an API for the contact center software suite to work seamlessly with Asterisk. This ACD layer has matured over the years and allows systematic migration to Asterisk IP and hybrid telephony. The API is feature rich and comes with both .NET and socket interface libraries.

"Business verticals considering migration to Asterisk to take advantage of its industry leadership in IP telephony do not have to look any further than the Indosoft Q-Suite ACD," says James Terhune, CTO of Indosoft. "Q-Suite comes with a web interface as well as native client interface for Windows using .NET. Our rich API makes it possible to do custom CTI integration with your existing business application."

"I am very impressed with Indosoft contact center suite," says Sajeev Nair, Director of IT at CSS Corp. "They have been able to bring sophisticated contact center solutions to the Asterisk platform using their call center software, Q-Suite. It is powerful, open, feature-rich and cost-effective."

"Having followed the meteoric growth of Asterisk deployments around the world and how it has transformed IP telephony, we were looking for call center software with ACD for Asterisk," says Mats Gåhlin, President of New Technology Sweden AB. "A fully functional API was essential to implement our agent session control functionality in .NET. Indosoft's ACD and its .NET API allowed us to migrate to Asterisk-based contact center solutions for our clients. We are delighted about these new enhancements. On-hook agents are essential for small office call centers. Our call center deployments require a powerful ACD with skills-based routing with the ability to manipulate queues to suit business logic. Indosoft ACD provides all the flexibility through its API."

Q-Suite provides "cradle to grave" reporting for both inbound and outbound contact center services. It maintains a CDR to provide accurate reporting on agent, campaign and queue statistics. A call history of all the calls is available on demand. The live dashboard provides a view of the ACD, Dialer and agent activity at any given moment. The historical and statistical reports on ACD and Dialer performance address all facets of contact center reporting. Detailed custom wall boards are available to suit individual contact center needs. You can read more about Q-Suite in Asterisk Exchange.

About Indosoft Inc. 
Indosoft Inc. is a leading provider of call center software. Q-Suite is an innovative contact center solution for both VoIP and TDM networks. Indosoft customers and VAR rely on our leading-edge, contact center technology platform to rapidly deploy value-added solutions around the world.

Headquartered in Fredericton, Canada, Indosoft has deployed its call center software worldwide, directly or through its VAR providing effective support to serve its customers around the globe.