Indosoft releases Q-suite 4.0, its call center software for Asterisk

Indosoft, a global provider of call center software announces the release of Q-Suite 4.0, its multi-tenant contact center software for Asterisk telephony platform.

 Indosoft, a global provider of call center software for Asterisk announces the release of its Q-Suite 4.0 for contact centers. Q-Suite is a multi-tenant call center software designed to facilitate easy migration of small, medium and large contact centers to the cost effective VoIP-enabled Asterisk telephony platform. Q-Suite comes with feature rich ACD queues capable of skills-based routing, self-pacing predictive dialer, graphical dialplan and IVR builder and an elegant script builder for agent scripting. Q-Suite for Asterisk allows contact centers easy and fast deployment on VoIP, TDM and Skype for Asterisk. This new release of the call center software provides for several advanced features. 

Q-Suite 4.0 is multi-tenant and suitable for both hosted and premise based contact centers, providing inbound, outbound and blended call center agents. The call center software suite can scale to multiple Asterisk servers depending on the size and growth of your contact center. Service providers can use this call center platform to offer inbound ACD services with skills based routing and queue prioritization. A powerful Dialplan Builder allows sophisticated call routing and IVR interaction. The outbound contact center functionality comes with an efficient and drop-rate compliant predictive dialer. The call center platform allows blended agents to work on both inbound and outbound campaigns, concurrently. 

Q-Suite allows native client development as well as CTI integration to existing customer applications. "Our clients in verticals like financial services and debt collections have fully evolved custom applications and CRM systems. They were looking to embed ACD and Dialer CTI functionality within their applications. The .NET, legacy ActiveX and socket API allows them to incorporate the advanced features of our call center software while migrating to Asterisk telephony for their contact centers," says Justin Traer, C.E.O of Indosoft. "These verticals have invested time and effort in creating innovative CRM applications for their businesses. Now that they have a cost effective platform in Asterisk, they were looking for the CTI integration to provide them advanced inbound ACD functionality and dialer capability. With this release, Q-Suite .NET, ActiveX and socket APIprovides native clients tight integration into the call center software functionality." 

Q-Suite 4.0 is packaged like a call center in a box and Value Added Resellers (VAR) will find it convenient to deploy in their clients' contact centers. The VAR will be able to setup and offer most call center features right out of the box like detailed reporting, voice recording, snoop and whisper with the click of a button. From setting up trunks to going live, everything is driven by the GUI. 

The Script Builder within Q-Suite 4.0 is an intuitive and powerful interface for creating agent scripts. It enables contact center administrators to create and deploy powerful customer-contact center agent interactions with flexible tools. Within the script builder there are drag-and-drop and point-and-click features for adding text, creating custom fields, inserting inline parameters, posting into web applications, inserting into databases, creating multi-page scripts and branching to pages based on customer responses. 

The Dialplan and IVR Builder within Q-Suite 4.0 is another intuitive but extremely powerful interface to create call-flows, IVR and dialplans. A call center manager can build effective IVR and customer interactions using drag-and-drop and point-and-click features for playing files, creating menu options, branching, routing calls, collecting customer DTMF inputs, moving calls into queues, interacting with data sources, and other useful and required functionality. 

Q-Suite provides "cradle to grave" reporting for both inbound and outbound contact center services. This call center software maintains a Call Detail Record (CDR) to provide accurate reporting on agent, campaign and queue stats. A call history of all the calls is available on demand. The live dashboard reports provide a view of the ACD, Dialer and agent activity at any given instant. The historical and statistical reports on ACD and Dialer performance address all facets of contact center reporting. Detailed custom wall boards are available to suit individual contact center needs.