NT Sweden deploys native agent session controller for Indosoft Inbound Call Center Software at SAMTRANS

Native agent session controller for the Call Center Suite from NT Sweden to integrate with Windows desktop business applications

Indosoft Inc. and NT Sweden have successfully installed the Indosoft call center software with a newly developed agent session controller at SAMTRANS. This agent session controller for the call center software allows NT Sweden to provide a feature rich inbound call center solution with a native Windows client.

"We were in search of call center software with an ACD capable of handling sophisticated call routing as well as queue management to meet the business requirements of our client's inbound call center. A core component of our requirements was a true ACD with skills based routing capable of providing proper queue prioritization on an IP platform. We examined a range of hybrid-IP systems from Nortel, Avaya and Eriksson as well as call center software for Asterisk. During our analysis of these various call center platform and technology, we ran into challenges trying to fulfill our client's needs until we looked at Indosoft's call center software, Q-suite. With its sophisticated ACD, excellent queue management, prioritization and balancing, we were able to offer a reliable call center solution based on the Asterisk PBX," says Mats Gåhlin, President of NT Sweden. "As a technical services company we are delighted with this call center software suite. It is open enough to provide us with the flexibility to customize and support our clients' particular business needs. With an Asterisk telephony backbone running on Ubuntu Linux, this call center software from Indosoft is an evolution in ACD and queue management for diverse, inbound call center operations. We developed an agent session controller for the call center suite to integrate with native Windows business applications. Indosoft's technical support is extraordinary and their competency enabled us to reduce the cost of installation, increase agent productivity and improve overall efficiency during the call center installation and deployment."

"We're thrilled to have a telecom technology partner like NT Sweden," said James Terhune, CTO of Indosoft. "This collaborative deployment of a specialized call center taught us that we can provide robust and easy to manage integrated call center features at a much lower cost than competing options. Having a skilled telephony services company partner allows us to further improve our product offering by better understanding the client requirements. We have evolved our call center product so that more and more telecom resellers can use this call center software for their deployments by migrating to Asterisk."

"Indosoft call center software Q-Suite has an ACD with skills based routing, virtual queues and personal queues as well as an efficient predictive dialer. It is a feature rich enterprise grade call center suite that can scale for future expansions effortlessly."

NT Sweden is a private technical services company located at Nynhamn (Stockholm). It offers and markets IT solutions for Windows and Linux platforms, providing professional services and technical customer support in Sweden market.