Predictive Dialer Platform from Indosoft helps Fidelity Borrowing implement its New Outbound Contact Center

Fidelity Borrowing deploys Indosoft Outbound Contact Center Soution with Predictive Dialing for its new installation at Garden City. This will allow its remote branch offices to work from the Hosted Predictive Dialer at the main office.

Fidelity Borrowing Mortgage Bankers is a licensed Mortgage Banker in New York, providing lending services in Eastern United States and California. FBM, LLC, has successfully implemented the Indosoft Outbound Call Center platform with Predictive Dialing, for its in-house call center at Garden City, NY.

"We wanted a VoIP enabled Outbound Call Center Platform with Predictive Dialing that would enable us to roll out an implementation at our main office location with connections to our remote branch offices. This is a true hybrid system capable of handling both TDM and VoIP," says John Martin, the Director of IS at FBM, LLC. "It was one of those rare occasions where you schedule one week for training and installation and end up using the time completely for training, as the installation is quick and easy. I am truly impressed with Indosoft Contact Center technology and their rapid response."

"The Indosoft Outbound Call Center platform comes with a self-pacing Predictive Dialer. It is capable of running multiple concurrent campaigns with each campaign having its own script with custom data. The Outbound platform includes a powerful Script builder which allows instant script building for each campaign with embedded data," says Beenu Rajan, Director of Marketing at Indosoft. A separate Verifier Queue per campaign, Intelligent Lead Loader, Call Dispositions for each campaign, Caller ID and Dropped Call recordings are intrinsic to the system and can be setup using a Wizard. For a typical outbound campaign, Agent Ready Dialing, Preview Dialing for B2B and Predictive Dialing are all available.

Indosoft Inc., has been deploying its call center technology on Asterisk platform for TDM and Voice over IP (VoIP) terminations, all over the world. With over 75 installations in U.S.A., Canada, Australia, Europe and Africa, its Call Center technology is robust and scalable. Indosoft Contact Center modules provide the necessary components required to setup a robust Enterprise grade call center with the sophisticated ACD control for Inbound and an efficient FCC compliant Predictive Dialing for Outbound. Indosoft provides it own Queuing Engine with call routing and management feature-sets that can route calls to the right agent in the enterprise and also provide PBX features like voice mail, call hold, call transfer, 3-way conferencing and much more.