Indosoft Releases the Latest Version of its Predictive Dialer and Inbound Tool-set for Asterisk

Indosoft has released Version 3.0 of its call center solution for the Asterisk PBX. The new version has an enhanced, robust Predictive Dialer that is ready for hosted, remote and multi-tenant deployment and reflects the maturity of Indosoft's control loop predictive dialing algorithm for Asterisk.

Indosoft has released Version 3.0 of its call center solution for the Asterisk PBX. Having accumulated significant production experience through diverse deployment of Asterisk based Inbound and Outbound Call Centers from 2003, Indosoft now offers a mature robust Contact Center technology on the Asterisk platform. The Asterisk PBX is unique in its use of the CPU processing power to drive Voice telephony. It provides seamless interface to SIP and connects to TDM through low cost digital interface boards from Digium. Indosoft understands the strengths and constraints of Asterisk and delivers a variety of Contact Center deployments like remote, hosted and multi-tenant.

In version 3.0, Indosoft has significantly upgraded its Inbound GUI tool-set for setting up multi-client enterprise grade Inbound call center. The Inbound tool-set takes the mystery out of setting up advanced complex campaigns with priority based skills routing, intricate call routing, ease of dial-plan manipulation, IVR setup, sophisticated queues and prioritized agents. Indosoft's Inbound solution can be integrated with any web driven application. With most ACD technology in the market being closed legacy black box with limited flexibility and adaptability, the Asterisk PBX is a versatile new option for the booming call center industry. Selection of the Asterisk PBX as the backbone of a call center will have positive long term impact on its potential growth, reduced effort in future expansion, lower deployment expenditure and support cost. The rapid expansion in the use of SIP to route VoIP traffic makes Asterisk an ideal choice of technology for new and existing call centers. Indosoft has standardized its hardware requirements to provide predictable capacity for both Inbound and Outbound Call Centers.

The Indosoft Predictive Dialer for the Asterisk PBX was introduced in 2003 and the latest release reflects the maturity and growth of this Predictive Dialing Engine. This proven Predictive Dialing algorithm has self regulating control and keeps excellent logs of the activities for statutory compliance. The Predictive Dialer is capable of delivering the 'first hello' to the connected agent on PRI and SIP lines which do not have inordinate network delay. The Indosoft Predictive Dialer for Asterisk connects to the Public Telephone network (PSTN) using a PRI (T1/E1) or a VoIP interface (SIP, H323 or IAX). With installed sites in Canada, U.S.A, Australia, Netherlands, Switzerland and Chile, this product has an established presence.

Indosoft Inc., a Digium Asterisk Partner, is a leader in the application of Computer Telephony Interface (CTI) and Voice over IP (VoIP). Indosoft provides fully blended solutions for call centers, Audio Conferencing systems, Real-time call blocking for Do Not Call list enforcement, Hosted PBX, Call Center Applications, Predictive Dialer, IVR and Voice Recording technology based on the Asterisk PBX.