Interactive Voice Response (IVR) Systems With Asterisk PBX

Interactive Voice Response for inbound contact centers

Interactive Voice Response 
Automated customer care using telephony is a significant part of every organization with client interaction. With companies under pressure to reduce costs and increase efficiency, well-designed IVR solutions are a critical part of the automated customer response. IVR is the telephony technology where the caller uses a touch-tone telephone, or speech recognition technology, to acquire information from an organization database or enter data into it. IVR technology does not require human interaction over the telephone, as the user's interaction with the database is predetermined by what the IVR system will allow the user access to. For many businesses, the biggest challenge will be in designing, developing and hosting such IVR applications seamlessly tied to their back-end system, without adequate in-house expertise. 

For example, organizations use IVR systems so that their customers can receive up-to-date account information instantly (24 hours a day) and easily without having to speak directly to a person. Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) can also be included where the customer's account information can be automatically presented to the Customer Service Agent should the customer choose the option of talking to a human voice. 

IVR technology can also be used to gather information, as in the case of telephone surveys. The user is prompted to answer questions by pushing the numbers on a touch-tone telephone, or answering verbally in which case the speech recognition software within the IVR system registers the responses. Some Organizations have initiated a practice of determining customer satisfaction by asking their clients to participate in a short survey after any customer service. If the customer is willing, the call is transferred to an IVR survey, and the Organization gathers critical customer care and satisfaction information. 

Indosoft Inc. offers one of the most versatile and scalable platforms for setting up IVR. Dynamic IVR can be linked to customer databases to provide and collect real-time information. It can be further enhanced using TTS (Text to Speech) and STT (Speech to Text) packages for processing. 

Various Applications

  • Status Reporting
  • PIN generation/Verification
  • Location and Address Finder
  • Poll / Survey
  • Name/Address Change
  • Emergency Notification Response
  • FAQ
  • Service call Scheduling
  • Benefits Management
  • Customer Service
  • Census


  • Indosoft Inc. successfully completed the installation of a student census collection IVR for K-12 school systems. The IVR is connected to the school system database using Web-services. The user response to this system has been tremendous.
  • Indosoft Inc. tested an IVR based automated Polling program driven by a list. This will collect the Poll response and simultaneously make it available through Web.