Dynamic Management of Services

Multiple Servers for Enterprise-Level Scaling

Indosoft Q-Suite is unique in scaling Asterisk telephony across multiple servers, acting as one system. ACD queues serve calls and agents, independent of the server the call came in on, or the agent is logged into.


Peak and Seasonal Demand

Many call centers require extra capacity during busy seasons. Others have large peaks during the day or week, with lulls in call volume at other times. Running unnecessary servers is a waste of resources, but it’s important to maintain the required capacity.


Shutting Down Servers

Q-Suite 5.17 allows users to Disable or Enable specific Asterisk or Web servers with the push of a button. 

Clicking Disable marks the server as unavailable for new calls or logins. 

Web servers that are disabled will force agents to log out after their current call. Agents not involved in a call or managing a lead will be logged out immediately.

Disabled Asterisk servers are not given new calls. Agents are unable to make new connections to disabled Asterisk servers. Active calls are allowed to continue until they are ended by the participants. The HAASIPP routes incoming calls to remaining active servers.

Once active calls or agent sessions have ended, the server itself can be shut down through normal means. The server can undergo maintenance, or simply be powered off to save money.


Enabling Servers

A previously disabled server can be enabled with a button press.

Enabled servers are refreshed to make sure they have the latest configuration changes. This takes just a few minutes but ensures consistency across all servers. Once complete, the service status shows “Active” on the Service Management page. 

Once marked as “Active” the server is ready for service.