Customer Requirements Drive Enhancements to Q-Suite's Real-time ACD Reporting

Indosoft enhances real-time reporting capabilities in Q-Suite, the industry leading multi-tenant cloud contact center software for Asterisk, introducing audible notifications triggered by ACD queue conditions.

Q-Suite, the industry leading multi-tenant software for Asterisk based contact centers, now provides audible notifications based on key queue metrics triggered by real-time conditions and stats. These notifications based on distinct audio files are played when set real-time queue conditions are fulfilled. This is a feature enhancement to the real-time reporting capability of the call center software and is an additional alert mechanism available for contact center floor managers to initiate procedures that improve the overall customer service. 

Queue metrics like the total number of calls waiting in a given queue, the wait time, the abandon rate, and the overall service level are key parameters that are monitored for real-time call center reporting. It is a common practice in contact center operations to have procedures in place to handle unexpected peak loads. The new capability within the contact center ACD will allow call center managers to set conditions based on many of these key queue metrics to trigger audible alerts. These alerts can be associated with specific real-time queue conditions and targeted towards individual customer service employees or groups. In many cases, floor supervisors and supplementary staff will make themselves available to the automatic call distributor (ACD) to handle the call volume. 

"Q-Suite for Asterisk is an industry leading contact center solution providing a multi-channel ACD with skills based routing and queue prioritization for phone calls, emails, and web channels. Real-time queue metrics can be used to marshal the staff for carrying out procedures that have been put in place for handling sudden spurt in call volumes," said Gabe Bourque, CEO at Indosoft. "The requirements for this feature enhancement to the real-time reporting capability of the contact center software suite came out of the ACD user group. Q-Suite is constantly evolving to satisfy its customer requirements." 

About Indosoft 
Indosoft Inc. is the developer of Q-Suite, a feature-rich multi-tenant Cloud contact center Software. Q-Suite provides a scalable fault tolerant contact center solution with a comprehensive High Availability (HA) system. It is geared for the technology stack of Asterisk, Linux, Apache, and MySQL, offering a cost-effective contact center technology for providing multi-tenant Cloud services.