Indosoft Announces Asterisk 1.8 Support with its Release of Q-Suite 5.7.2

Indosoft Inc., the leading contact center software solution for Asterisk telephony, has released Q-Suite 5.7.2 with support for Asterisk 1.8.

Indosoft Inc. announces the release of Q-Suite 5.7.2, its flagship contact center software, with support for Asterisk 1.8. Q-Suite is a unique call center ACD built from the ground up to leverage Asterisk telephony. It is a feature-rich, multi-tenant, multi-channel solution, offering powerful functionality and sophisticated tool-sets. With Q-Suite 5.7.2, contact center technology managers now have the option of going with either Asterisk 1.4 or Asterisk 1.8 as the underlying IP PBX. 

There are important enhancements available through Diaplan and Asterisk Manager Interface (AMI) functions within Asterisk 1.8. For example, while building managed transfer functionality for agent screen, the redirect AMI command can now be used to bridge channels directly without using the 'meetme' application, thereby reducing the processing load. As an ACD for Asterisk, Q-Suite relies on the power of the underlying telephony platform to deliver a scalable enterprise class contact center solution. Moving forward, the growth and evolution of the underlying IP PBX will contribute to the continued enhancement of the contact center platform. 

Q-Suite ACD, with its skills based routing, controls the switching of calls through AMI. This allows the call center ACD and Dialer platform to scale and manage multiple Asterisk servers under a single ACD for large contact center deployments. The High Availability SIP Proxy with Q-Suite provides the necessary load balancing within the Asterisk cluster while handling very large peak loads. 

"Asterisk has impacted VoIP telephony beyond the wildest imagination. Asterisk 1.8 is one more step in the evolution of this superior telephony engine for medium and large contact centers," said Gabriel Bourque, CEO at Indosoft. "With Q-Suite, we offer a superior feature-rich contact center solution for this IP telephony platform that is able to compete head to head with all the market leaders, in great measure due to the power and flexibility of the underlying telephony platform." 

About Indosoft Inc. 
Indosoft Inc. is the developer of Q-Suite, the leading multi-tenant contact center ACD and Dialer software suite for Asterisk. Q-Suite ACD comes with .NET and socket library for Computer Telephony Integration (CTI). Q-Suite is also available as a private label contact center technology solution for channel partners.