Indosoft Announces Major Enhancements to Call Queue Features in Q-Suite ACD

New features for ACD Call Queues empower contact centers to provide superior customer experience, improve service level management and reduce operational costs.

Indosoft Inc., developers of Q-Suite, the leading contact center software for Asterisk, announced today the general availability of enhanced call queue features like Queue Callback for Abandoned Calls, Callback Priority Management and Web Callback Integration into Skills Based Routing. Skills and queue priority of Call Queues influence skills based routing and call distribution to agents within the Q-Suite ACD. The new feature enhancements provide greater control over inbound ACD queue management to allow contact centers to offer superior customer experience. 

ACD queues are the backbone of inbound contact center operations. These enhancements provide sophisticated options like, the ability to allow callers to opt for callback to a preferred phone number of their choice before deciding to abandon a call while waiting in a queue, retain the abandoned call information in the same call queue or move it to a queue with a different priority and, provide the ability to queue voice as well as other media conversations for skills based routing using API. Standard features within Q-Suite ACD include queue position announcement, ability to play different periodic announcements, distinct music on hold selection and call or queue overflow with SLA (service level agreement) management. Together, these features provide all the necessary control required for enhancing customer experience within a call center ACD. 

"Most companies recognize the enormous value of customer retention and customer acquisition," says James Terhune, CTO at Indosoft. "With the growth and proliferation of e-commerce, customer interaction with the organization often begins while waiting in a call queue. Call center managers rely upon the flexibility and overall capability of their contact center technology platform in order to deliver personal and effective customer interactions. These new features greatly improve the ability of a contact center to setup effective and efficient call queues for skills based routing within Q-Suite ACD. The inherent flexibility of Q-Suite based contact center solutions has been greatly enhanced by this feature-set release and is proving highly successful with our clients." 

About Indosoft Inc.
Indosoft Inc. is a global provider of Q-Suite, the foremost ACD and call center software for Asterisk PBX platform. It has been providing contact center technology solutions to medium and large contact centers around the world for over eleven years. It also licenses its call center ACD with .NET, Socket and XML libraries. Indosoft has been making available its Contact Center Suite to partners for private label solutions.