Indosoft Proudly Announces Q-Suite 5.9 Call Center Software for Asterisk

Indosoft announces Q-Suite 5.9, the latest version of their call center software for Asterisk. Combining a sophisticated ACD system with a feature rich agent interface, customers will be delighted with the new system.
Greater Engagement with Q-Suite 5.9 Call Center ACD for Asterisk

Indosoft Inc, developers of Q-Suite, a leading call center software suite for Asterisk, are pleased to announce the development of Q-Suite 5.9. Building off of the highly successful 5.7 and 5.8 versions of Q-Suite, this new version will include enhancements to existing functionality, as well as a number of new features to the leading edge call center software. General availability will be Q2 2015. 

Q-Suite 5.9 will add features to enhance security and protection. Administrators will be able to configure more options for employee passwords. Restrictions on dictionary words and enforcement of multiple character types will be settable on a per-tenant basis, while other features such as password expiry and recovery have been enhanced. 

The most visible changes will be on the agent screens. Improvements to the client interaction script builder include such features as the ability to call a web service to set specific fields. This includes the option to display additional fields to allow the agent to select the correct result. Q-Suite 5.9 also adds features to more easily handle multiple contacts per call, in cases where more than one client is available during the current call. Additional changes to the agent screens include the ability to quickly switch from one script to another in cases where the client may need to be handled differently, and streamlined handling of transfers to third parties. 

On the telephony side, Q-Suite 5.9 drops support for Asterisk 1.4. This allows for the use of new functionality available in later versions of Asterisk. Improvements to call bridging, for instance, allow for more efficient three-party calls and transfers, increasing the number of calls that can be handled on a single Asterisk server. Additional options to improve the efficiency of dialplans and configuration options in multiple trunk/multiple tenant configurations with large numbers of Direct Inward Dials (DIDs) improve the speed at which Asterisk can process changes without diminishing the throughput of the system. 

"Q-Suite 5.9 is a major landmark in our development of Asterisk based call center ACD system. Dropping support for a legacy version of Asterisk allows us to better utilize new features introduced in later versions" said Gabe Bourque, CEO of Indosoft. "The sophisticated features introduced to the script builder will give agents additional tools to handle the call correctly while being easy to set up."