Indosoft Announces Q-Suite Support For Sangoma Lyra

Indosoft, developer of Q-Suite call center software, announces the addition of support for Sangoma Lyra Answering Machine Detection.

Indosoft, Inc., a leading provider of scalable Asterisk-based contact center software Q-Suite, announces that it has added support for Sangoma Lyra Answering Machine Detection (AMD). Both Sangoma and Indosoft have a history of bringing innovative products to market in the call center industry. Sangoma's patent-pending technology offers a significant benefit to those using Asterisk as a platform for their dialer along with AMD that is now available to users of Q-Suite. 

In the past decades, outbound call centers have found that their connect rates are declining greatly while the prevalence of answering machines and voicemail systems has increased. In this challenging environment, operators also face increased scrutiny and standards on metrics such as dropped calls and time to deliver answered calls to agents. Answering machine detection can improve the situation with the number of answering machines reaching agents, but can leave questions about the true rates of connects due to accuracy issues. By developing Lyra, with a high accuracy patented method of detecting machines versus human contacts, Sangoma adds a significant amount of accuracy to AMD. The interoperability of Lyra with Asterisk, the platform Q-Suite is built on for inbound ACD and outbound dialing, makes it an easy choice for Q-Suite integration. With this support, Indosoft is able to offer the benefits of its Q-Suite software with a choice in AMD systems. 

"Increasing accuracy in Answering Machine Detection can be a driver of profits for our clients, while ensuring that their regulatory requirements are being addressed" said Stephen Ray, Director of Accounts at Indosoft. "We have offered easy access to Asterisk's own AMD for some time now, and are pleased to be able to offer another choice to our clients. Any advantage we can provide to our outbound clients in this increasingly challenging environment is appreciated, and will help them succeed." 

About Indosoft Inc. 
Indosoft Inc. is a global provider of call center ACD software for Asterisk. Q-Suite, its flagship contact center software, has been installed around the world. It also licenses its ACD for Asterisk with .NET, Socket and XML libraries to enterprises planning to incorporate Asterisk IP telephony within their product. Q-Suite is cost-effective call center software, available to Indosoft technology partners, offering white and private label Asterisk call center solutions.