Indosoft Announces VitalVox Chooses Q-Suite 5.7 Call Center Software

Hosted provider of call center and PBX services VitalVox opts for Q-Suite's scalability, multi-tenant capabilities for its platform.

Indosoft, Inc. the developer of the leading call center software for Asterisk, is pleased to announce that VitalVox has selected Q-Suite 5.7 to power its offerings. VitalVox provides hosted call center and PBX services to multiple clients of varying sizes using its platform for both outbound dialing and inbound services. 

Q-Suite 5.7 is a feature rich contact center suite that has been deployed in locations around the world. Its scalable architecture allows it to be deployed in varying sizes of call centers. On inbound, a visual IVR builder combines with a skills-based ACD to offer maximum flexibility with ease-of-use. On outbound, preview, progressive and predictive dialing modes allow campaigns to use the dialing method that makes sense. A multi-tenant design, live and historical reporting, as well as the ability to apply custom themes for look-and-feel make Q-Suite an excellent choice for a hosted call center provider. 

VitalVox offers hosted communication services to clients seeking to lower the total cost of ownership while reaping the benefits of on-demand, scalable telephony and multi-channel communications. The ability to drive voice, email, chat and other components of unified communications is a key differentiator of VitalVox. By using Q-Suite, VitalVox is able to offer these services as well as provide API driven integration of Q-Suite with custom solutions for their clients. The web-based administrative interface matches perfectly with the hosted ethos, allowing end users to work without the installation of additional software. 

"The Q-Suite was developed with clients like VitalVox in mind. Hosted call center software requires a multi-tenant approach. The scalability and ability to recommission or repurpose servers gives a flexibility that VitalVox will find useful" said Indosoft Director of Accounts, Stephen Ray. "In addition, the full-featured skills-based ACD and outbound dialing capabilities will be appreciated by their clients." 

About Indosoft Inc. 
Indosoft Inc. is a global provider of multi-tenant call center software. It has been providing contact center solutions to medium and large call centers around the world for over twelve years. It also licenses its ACD for Asterisk with .NET and XML libraries to enterprises wanting to build scalable ACD solutions using Asterisk as the underlying telephony platform. Indosoft also licenses Q-Suite for private label contact center technology solutions. 

About VitalVox 
VitalVox is a provider of hosted call center and PBX services. By handling much of the infrastructure, it can provide an interface to world-class call center software while reducing the management costs to clients. Through their PBX services, VitalVox allows businesses to scale quickly without having to invest in and manage telephony switching hardware.