Indosoft Enhances Inter-Operability of Q-Suite ACD for Simplified Remote and At-Home Agent Setup

With this enhancement, Q-Suite, the leading ACD for Asterisk from Indosoft, will offer greatly simplified remote agent setup with most PBX as well as use of landline and mobile phones for home agents.

Q-Suite 5.7, the industry leading Contact Center Software for Asterisk, with this enhancement of the inter-operability of its ACD with modern PBX switches, will provide greater control over the architecture and setup of call centers. This built-in feature allows easy remote and home phone assignment for ACD Agents without the need for any custom integration. 

Remote agents can be using phones that are behind another PBX within the same geographic location or at a different location. Agents working from home sometimes use a landline or a mobile phone. This feature of the Contact Center ACD perceives all phone end-points alike, providing greater flexibility for the organization in work-force assignment. 

"In many instances, organizations have an existing popular PBX brand like Digium's Switchvox or phone service provided by their existing hosted service provider," says Gabe Bourque, Chief Executive Officer at Indosoft. "In such occasions, the phone system and phone extensions are already in place for the office. When it comes time for adding a call center software with a full-fledged ACD to drive the operations, they can look to deploy Q-Suite and have the peace of mind that they do not have to make changes to the existing extension schema. This same feature also makes it possible for assigning home landlines and mobile phones as ACD phone end-points, thereby allowing the setup of a distributed contact center operation." 

About Indosoft Inc. 
Indosoft Inc. is a global provider of call center software for Asterisk. Q-Suite is offered around the world directly or through its resellers. This ACD for Asterisk with .NET and XML libraries is available for enterprises requiring CTI integration to develop product verticals. Q-Suite is a cost-effective solution for Cloud operators wanting to offer multi-tenant contact center services along with hosted PBX available as a white and private label call center solution.