Indosoft Expands Unified Communications in Q-Suite 5 Call Center Software

Q-Suite 5 expands Unified Communications capability for its ACD system. The Indosoft call center software suite now adds email, chat and SMS capability to outbound as well.
Unified Communications give you more opportunities to connect with your clients

Indosoft, developer of Q-Suite, announces the expansion of the Q-Suite's Unified Communication (UC) capabilities. Q-Suite is a leading call center software suite. It has capability for Short Message Service (SMS), email, and web chat. Now, Q-Suite improves message handling for inbound ACD systems as well as adding outbound capabilities. 

Unified Communications ACD routes messages in an intelligent fashion to contact center agents. Agents who handle voice calls can accept multiple methods of contact. Many clients are more comfortable using SMS or web chat technologies than making a phone call. The Q-Suite 5 ACD Unified Communication technology routes these to the correct agents. 

Support for outbound UC technologies gives agents access to these along with their current ACD. After a call, agents can send a confirmation email or SMS message. Another example would be sending an email or text message in the case of a missed callback or abandoned call. Adding outbound UC technology also allows agents to reply using the same method as the client. 

“Adding Unified Communications to Q-Suite brings new methods of communication into the modern contact center.” says Gabe Bourque, CEO of Indosoft. "Customers today tend to have strong preferences in how they communicate. This new technology allows contact centers to accommodate their customers to a greater degree.” 

About Indosoft Inc.:
Indosoft Inc. is a provider of contact center solutions based on Q-Suite, its flagship software suite. Q-Suite is a powerful multi-channel call center software with installations around the world. It is available to Indosoft technology partners offering private label managed services using Asterisk. Indosoft licenses Q-Suite with .NET, Socket and web service libraries for use in custom ACD applications.