Indosoft Extends Q-Suite Integration with Kamailio

Indosoft integrates additional Kamailio functionality with its Q-Suite call center software suite to better support multiple Asterisk servers and multi-tenant ACD.

Indosoft Inc. announces that it will be adding additional Kamailio integration into its Q-Suite call center software suite. Kamailio, previously known as OpenSER, is powerful SIP server software with a wide variety of features. Integrating Q-Suite with Kamailio will allow Indosoft to offer additional load balancing and capacity options to its clients using Asterisk-based Automated Call Distribution (ACD). 

In the decade since Q-Suite incorporated the Open Source Asterisk PBX to provide telephony functionality, Voice Over IP (VoIP) technology has taken over as the primary means by which voice calls are connected. Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) is a VoIP technology standard that has been widely adopted by telephony providers and VoIP phones. This has shifted SIP to the forefront of the modern call center. Kamailio is a full-featured, Open Source SIP server that provides a large number of features as well as integration options. 

Past use of Kamailio in the Q-Suite has focused primarily on SIP packet capture, logging sessions and using the data for reporting. Indosoft's current integration efforts focus on applying load balancing and aggregation features of Kamailio to their call center software. One such application is configuring trunks to and from multiple Asterisk servers so that calls are only routed through Asterisk servers that are assigned to a particular tenant in a multi-tenant call center. The Q-Suite is also being modified to allow Kamailio to act as a single point of registration for agent phones. This allows better load balancing for contact centers using Asterisk clusters to provide sufficient capacity. This will also allow Cloud-based contact centers to bring instances up and down as capacity demands change. 

"The widespread adoption of VoIP technologies such as SIP has been a boon to contact centers" said Indosoft Director, Stephen Ray. "Call centers using SIP have a wide choice of infrastructure and software options. Integrating Kamailio into Q-Suite allows our clients to benefit from the strengths of both while lowering costs with an Asterisk-based ACD." 

About Indosoft Inc. 
Indosoft Inc. is a global provider of Cloud voice solutions and unified communication (UC) software for Asterisk. Q-Suite, its flagship call center software, has been installed around the world for over thirteen years. It also licenses its ACD for Asterisk with .NET, Socket and XML libraries to enterprises planning to incorporate Asterisk IP telephony within their product. Q-Suite is available to Indosoft technology partners offering private label cloud voice solutions.