Indosoft Marks Tenth Year of Call Center Software for Asterisk With End of Year Release for Q-Suite

Indosoft updates Q-Suite 5.7 with a year-end minor release to mark the the end of the 10th year of its multi-tenant, multi-channel call center software for Asterisk based contact centers.
Ten years of Asterisk contact center software

Indosoft Inc. releases a year-end update for Q-Suite 5.7 that includes registration restriction policies for IP phones, use of wildcard character for improved call detail record (CDR) reporting, and a dialplan component to handle caller disconnects. This will mark the tenth year of its enterprise call center software solution using Asterisk as the underlying telephony platform. During these ten years, Q-Suite's contact center ACD has evolved to offer a scalable, high availability (HA), multi-tenant solution that is being deployed in Cloud voice solutions around the world. 

The registration restriction policies for IP phones will allow the device setup page to restrict IP and network mask, providing control over the management of IP phones for geographically distributed contact centers operating from the same Cloud installation of the call center software. The CDR reporting of the contact center ACD can span activities from multiple Asterisk servers of a scaled large call center installation. The ability to use a wildcard ( * ) as a prefix and/or suffix to the phone number field when looking for matches against the caller ID is meant to enhance the search capability of CDR reporting. The addition of a new dialplan component to handle caller disconnects increases efficiency by moving the after call cleanup of caller disconnects to an IVR. Using Q-Suite's powerful visual dialplan builder, a contact center can either wrap-up the call or initiate a callback with the ability to queue the call appropriately based on the level of importance. 

"Asterisk, the open source telephone switch, has transformed both enterprise phone systems and the contact center industry. Q-Suite, a cloud contact center software and unified communication platform that scales with Asterisk, has greatly benefited from this. This minor release, Q-Suite, is an important milestone in the contact center software history of Indosoft", said Gabe Bourque, CEO at Indosoft. "The additional features are part of the overall effort in providing a compelling multi-channel contact center software for Asterisk based call centers." 

About Indosoft Inc. 
Indosoft Inc. is a global provider of Cloud voice solutions and unified communication (UC) software for Asterisk. Q-Suite, its flagship call center software, has been installed around the world for over thirteen years. It also licenses its ACD for Asterisk with .NET, Socket and XML libraries to enterprises planning to incorporate Asterisk IP telephony within their product. Q-Suite is available to Indosoft technology partners offering private label cloud voice solutions.