Indosoft's Q-Suite 6 In Development

Indosoft announces the development of Q-Suite 6, the multi-tenant unified communications call center software. Streamlining the user experience and leveraging efficiencies on the back end, it should be available in Q4 2015.

Indosoft Inc., developer of multi-tenant contact center software, announces the next generation Q-Suite 6. This multi-tenant unified communications platform represents a completely new architecture, developed for the needs of contact centers today. Improvements in design offer greater scalability for this leading call center ACD system for Asterisk. Q-Suite 6 should be available Q4 2015. 

Indosoft has been deploying Asterisk-based call center services for more than a decade. Its flagship product, Q-Suite, offers a multi-tenant, scalable contact center solution that can be installed on-premise or in the Cloud. An ACD with skills-based routing, outbound dialing with predictive, progressive and preview dialing, and support for non-call media are all key features that have made Q-Suite a success. In recent years, Indosoft's Call Recovery and High Availability capabilities have made it an option for centers where reliability is the key factor. 

With Q-Suite 6, the biggest noticeable change is the user interface. Users of telephony systems range from administrative users who may take few calls, but be more mobile around the facility, to call center agents, who may be located anywhere but who are more likely to stay where they are. The process of switching from device to device has been streamlined to better meet the needs of all users. Responsive design methods were used throughout the interface. Most noticeably, the administrative and agent interfaces are now integrated, allowing simpler access to all the functionality a user is allowed. In the back end, services have been aggregated and streamlined. This will result in fewer server resources being needed to deliver the same quality of user experience. 

"Q-Suite 6 represents a leap forward in call center systems" said Indosoft CEO, Gabe Bourque. "Users will find their workflow to be simplified. The multi-tenant and distributed features people expect with Q-Suite are all still there, but can be managed with less hardware. With our APIs, integrating to third party applications has never been easier. Q-Suite represents a powerful way to provide a call center platform leveraging the power of Asterisk." 

About Indosoft Inc.:
Indosoft Inc. is a global provider of call center solutions based on Q-Suite, its flagship multi-channel contact center suite. Q-Suite is a powerful call center software with installations around the world. It is also available to Indosoft technology partners for offering private label managed services using Asterisk. Indosoft licenses Q-Suite ACD with .NET, Socket and web services libraries for use in Asterisk based custom ACD applications.