Indosoft Releases New Visual Call Flow Builder for Q-Suite

This powerful Visual Dialplan Builder takes the mystery out of building sophisticated Call Flow Interactions within Q-Suite, the leading Contact Center ACD Software for Asterisk.

Indosoft Inc., developers of Q-Suite, the industry leading Contact Center ACD and Dialer Software for Asterisk, announced today the release of its next generation web based Visual Call Flow Builder. This easy to use Visual Dialplan Builder provides graphical icons that represent the extensive Q-Suite ACD and Asterisk commands within a drag and drop frame-work. Contact Centers using Q-Suite can build with ease, sophisticated IVR and call routing to fulfill the most demanding call flow requirements of their customers. 

Visual Call Flow Builder unleashes the complete functionality of Q-Suite ACD and the underlying Asterisk PBX by providing a powerful visual modeling tool for building Call Flow and IVR applications. Graphical icons represent all the IVR and call routing functions available within the contact center platform. A "double click" action on the icon opens a dialog box guiding the user to build Call Flows and Dialpans. It also provides ability to branch to existing or newly constructed Call Flows and Dialpans. Thus the Visual Builder offers an intuitive and graphical tool to create and deploy powerful call flow, IVR and Dialplan applications within Q-Suite. 

Q-Suite is an enterprise grade multi-tenant contact center solution with a scalable ACD and Dialer engine for Asterisk. Q-Suite based contact center platform offers High Availability and Call Survival for mission critical applications. Cloud as well as Customer premise installations will benefit from Q-Suite's extensive out of the box features that allow Asterisk based Contact Centers to exceed the capabilities of competing legacy platforms at fraction of the cost. Q-Suite based ACD and Dialer deployments also benefit from the flexibility and power of the underlying technology stack of Linux, Asterisk, Apache and MySQL. 

"After working extensively with customers and partners, Indosoft has introduced this next generation Call Flow and Dialplan building tool for Q-Suite to benefit its users", said Gabe Bourque, Chief Executive Officer at Indosoft. "This is one more tool within our contact center software, with simple drag and drop tool-set for business users to build powerful IVR applications. The expanding use of Asterisk due to fast paced development and lower costs, has generated considerable interest in Q-Suite's flexible and powerful ACD and Dialer. The availability of well developed .NET and Socket API within Q-Suite CTI library along with the rich extensive reporting and monitoring capabilities has allowed Q-Suite to establish itself as the leading contact center software for Asterisk." 

About Indosoft Inc.
Indosoft Inc. is a global provider of unified communication systems. Q-Suite, its flagship contact center software for Asterisk, has been installed around the world for over ten years. It also licenses its ACD for Asterisk with .NET, Socket and XML libraries to enterprises planning to incorporate Asterisk IP telephony within their product. Q-Suite is a cost-effective platform available to Indosoft technology partners, for offering white and private label contact center solutions for Cloud and premise based deployments.