Indosoft adds SIP over TCP support for Q-Suite

Q-Suite, Indosoft's Call Center Software, now offers SIP over TCP support for its High Availability (HA) SIP proxy.

Indosoft Inc., developers of Q-Suite, the industry leading Call Center ACD for Asterisk based contact centers, announces SIP over TCP support for its High Availability (HA) SIP proxy. This HA SIP proxy is a critical component of Q-Suite's "Call Survival" mechanism that ensures continuation of existing and new calls in the event of a server or service failure within the system. With the availability of SIP over TCP, mission critical call center deployments using Q-Suite ACD with Asterisk have this additional option for SIP. 

Q-Suite offers .NET, socket and Web Services API for building Agent/Operator consoles with its ACD. This rich library for CTI Integration provides control over call routing, call-flow and call control for developing Asterisk telephony based ACD solutions while offering features like skills based routing, advanced queue management and queue prioritization. Q-Suite's Admin Portal has the tools and functionality to leverage the vast capabilities of this powerful Call Center ACD. HA SIP proxy is an additional but critical component of the High Availability and Call Survival mechanism available for Q-suite based Asterisk call centers. The availability of SIP over TCP makes it possible to consider longer SIP messages without concerns over packet fragmentation as more traditional telephony ACD applications are ported over to VoIP. 

"Q-Suite provides all the essential components required to deploy a sophisticated Asterisk based Call Center with high availability. Q-Suite deployments cover a wide gamut, from mission critical ACD systems to custom ACD applications", said James Terhune, Chief Technology Officer at Indosoft. "Asterisk is well established in IP telephony. With Q-Suite providing the Call Center ACD, the CTI library with .NET API and the High Availability SIP Proxy, it is a lot simpler to deploy high value Asterisk based contact center solutions at considerable cost savings." 

About Indosoft Inc.
Indosoft Inc. is a global provider of call center solutions based on Q-Suite, its flagship multi-channel contact center suite. Q-Suite is a powerful call center software with installations around the world. It is also available to Indosoft technology partners for offering private label managed services using Asterisk. Indosoft licenses Q-Suite ACD with .NET, Socket and web services libraries for use in Asterisk based custom ACD applications.