Indosoft deploys its Overseer Watchdog system for mission critical ACD applications

Overseer Watchdog System, an elaborate automated software mechanism to monitor and watch the sanity of all servers and services, initiates automatic fail-over and implements Q-Suite's Call Survival for voice telephony in the event of fault detection.

Indosoft Inc., developers of Q-Suite, the industry leading call center software for Asterisk, announces the deployment of its Overseer Watchdog System for Q-Suite. The Overseer Watchdog is a sophisticated software system that automates fault detection, initiates fail-over and implements Call Survival for voice telephony. With this additional component, Q-Suite deployment for mission critical ACD and telephony applications will provide High Availability and Call Survival for on-going and new calls without disruption. 

Fast paced feature developments in modern telephony software, IP (Internet Protocol) driven changes and use of commercial off-the-shelf hardware have greatly benefited contact center and ACD technology. They have considerably decreased the cost of technology acquisition. They have also opened up new risks that contribute to service disruption. Q-Suite, with its Overseer Watchdog and Call Survival system, preserves the advantages derived from next generation telephony switches like Asterisk by providing the extra degree of reliability needed to meet the demands of mission critical ACD implementation. With its extensive .NET, Socket and Web Services API, Q-Suite provides an excellent vehicle for CTI integration to an Asterisk based ACD for deployment in mission critical and high value applications. 

Q-Suite provides a scalable multi-tenant ACD and Dialer for setting up Asterisk based contact centers. It comes with an excellent real-time and statistical reporting capability for Queue, Agent and Campaign performance. Every call is tagged with a unique identifier and tracked from cradle to grave to generate a comprehensive CDR. With built-in tools like Visual Call Flow Builder and Script Builder, Q-Suite offers a very compelling IP enabled contact center technology platform for Asterisk. 

"We sensed the need to innovate and to provide an automated mechanism to allow for High Availability for contact centers", said James Terhune, Chief Technology Officer at Indosoft. "We have taken this a step further with our Call Survival mechanism. The growth and fast pace evolution of Asterisk has generated great interest in Q-Suite's ACD technology. The Overseer Watchdog for Q-Suite is one more tool available for facilitating migration of sophisticated ACD applications to Asterisk." 

About Indosoft Inc.
Indosoft Inc. is a global provider of call center ACD software for Asterisk. Q-Suite, its flagship contact center software has been installed around the world for over ten years. It also licenses its ACD for Asterisk with .NET, Socket and XML libraries to enterprises planning to incorporate Asterisk IP telephony within their product. Q-Suite is a cost-effective call center software, available to Indosoft technology partners, offering white and private label Asterisk call center solutions.