Indosoft's Q-Suite 6 Makes Efficiency Gains in Asterisk

With the move to FastAGI in Asterisk, Indosoft's Q-Suite 6 experiences major efficiency gains.
Greater engagement with Q-Suite 5.9 Call Center ACD for Asterisk

Indosoft Inc., developer and distributor of the world-class Asterisk based contact center software Q-Suite, announces the implementation of Asterisk FastAGI to usher in major efficiency improvements for Q-Suite 6. 

FastAGI allows for labour intensive AGI scripts to be initiated on remote servers across the network and can also reduce the startup times of AGI scripts, since the FastAGI program is already running prior to being connected to from Asterisk. This implementation allows for processes to be reused multiple times without the need to create a new process for each and every call on the Asterisk server. As this method removes the need to start a new process for each request, Asterisk will run in a much more efficient manner, as the Asterisk server itself is no longer responsible for handling these expensive CPU operations. 

"Making the shift to FastAGI has greatly improved the efficiency of the Q-Suite," stated Gabe Bourque, CEO. "By offloading many of the CPU-intensive AGI operations from the Asterisk server, Q-Suite 6 can help leverage the pure call handling feature set that Asterisk offers, without putting too much strain on the hardware." 

About Indosoft Inc.:
Indosoft Inc. is a global provider of call center solutions based on Q-Suite, its flagship multi-channel contact center suite. Q-Suite is a powerful call center software with installations around the world. It is also available to Indosoft technology partners for offering private label managed services using Asterisk. Indosoft licenses Q-Suite ACD with .NET, Socket and web services libraries for use in Asterisk based custom ACD applications.