Indosoft Announces Upcoming Release of Next Generation Contact Software Suite

Indosoft is set to release its next-generation software March 31, 2016. The new release integrates Unified Communications and Customer Relationship Management software among other features.

Indosoft announces the upcoming release of its next-generation software, integrating Unified Communications (UC) and Customer Relationship Management (CRM). Indosoft is the developer of the leading call center software Q-Suite. The new release will be available March 31, 2016. Built on top of Q-Suite 6, this release will appeal to businesses with customer-facing operations. 

Indosoft's new release is designed for businesses that need a UC and CRM platform throughout the organization. In the past, UC was deployed mostly in call centers. Now, the communication center is becoming distributed. Many businesses are incorporating UC into their day-to-day operations. They use new technologies such as SMS, email, and web chat alongside their CRM software. 

This next-generation software offers full integration with web chat, SMS, and email. Users will be able to switch from taking a phone call to handling web chat, email, or text. It offers an on-the-go interface that allows users to keep their session from one device to the next. 

Other aspects of the new release include:

  • WebRTC support which allows the simplified deployment of telephony services throughout the organization.
  • An application server to handle signaling between the agent screens and the back end.
  • Decoupling the consumer facing front end from the Q-Suite powered back end. This eases integration, customization, and updates.

"Unified Communications are no longer just the responsibility of the call center," says Indosoft CEO Gabe Bourque. "Businesses can enjoy greater accessibility of unified communications. Better integrated CRM along with WebRTC technology improves the efficiency of the customer facing side of business." 

About Indosoft Inc.:
Indosoft Inc. is a provider of contact center solutions based on Q-Suite, its flagship software suite. Q-Suite is a powerful multi-channel call center software with installations around the world. It is available to Indosoft technology partners offering private label managed services using Asterisk. Indosoft licenses Q-Suite with .NET, Socket and web service libraries for use in custom ACD applications.