Q-Suite 5.7 Offers Integration with Emerald for Hosted Multi-tenant PBX Billing and Authentication

Indosoft now provides integration to Emerald Billing and Authentication software within Q-Suite 5.7, enabling hosted multi-tenant PBX service providers to offer voice services using its call center software.

Indosoft Inc., leading provider of multi-tenant software for contact centers using Asterisk, now offers integration to Emerald Billing and Authentication software within Q-Suite 5.7. This allows service providers to offer hosted multi-tenant PBX services using the call center software and manage authentication, tracking and invoicing. 

Q-Suite 5.7 is an advanced call center solution that uses Asterisk as the underlying telephony platform. It is scalable and multi-tenant, expanding seamlessly over multiple Asterisk servers in a cluster. This powerful ACD and Dialer engine has all the essential built-in tools necessary for creating IVR and Auto-attendants. The multi-tenant PBX comes with auto-provisioning for well-known IP phones. Integration with Emerald will allow multi-tenant PBX Service Providers the ability to create business driven user authentication, tracking and invoicing. 

Managed service providers wanting to offer multi-tenant voice services in the Cloud can migrate to an Asterisk based VoIP telephony platform by rebranding Q-Suite. The Overseer Watchdog system for Q-Suite delivers a fail-safe High Availability with redundancy, suitable for powering mission critical deployments. With Q-Suite, the multi-tenant solution includes a full-featured Call Center ACD and PBX. 

"With the convergence of voice and IP telephony, managed voice services are expanding rapidly," said Gabe Bourque, CEO of Indosoft Inc. "Q-Suite 5.7 offers a complete multi-tenant call center software and PBX, leveraging the immense power of Asterisk PBX. Voice Service Providers can take advantage of the theming capabilities to create and develop their unique brand. Q-Suite 5.7 comes with a well-developed API for CTI available in .NET and XML, as well as extensive reporting and monitoring capabilities. It offers integration to third party tools for ASR (Automatic Speech Recognition), TTS (Text to Speech), WFM (Work Force Management), Call Recording and Billing. This has allowed Q-Suite to establish itself as the leading multi-tenant contact center and PBX software for managed hosted services." 

About Indosoft Inc. 
Indosoft Inc. is a global provider of multi-tenant call center solutions. It is the developer of Q-Suite, the industry leading call center software for Asterisk. It has been providing premise based and multi-tenant contact center solutions around the world for over twelve years. It licenses its ACD for Asterisk with .NET and XML library to enterprises utilizing Asterisk as the underlying telephone switch. Indosoft has been making available Q-Suite for private label and hosted managed contact center services.