Q-Suite 5.7.7 Updates Its Visual Dialplan Builder for Call Center Software

Q-Suite 5.7.7, the leading call center software for Asterisk ACD, has been updated to include enhancements to its visual IVR builder.
Visual call flow

Q-Suite, the leading multi-tenant call center software for Asterisk, has added modifications to its Visual Dialplan Builder to add and enhance features for Interactive Voice Response (IVR) systems designed with it. An effective IVR can enhance the caller experience, improving results and call retention. 

The improvements that will be noticed by dialplan builders are improved drag-and-drop functionality and additions to revision control. Clearer indications of connections between components reduce development errors that can be hard to spot in a large or multi-page dialplan. The ability to remove specific revisions allows for a less cluttered selection menu, reducing the possibility of activating an incorrect version of a dialplan. 

On the functionality side, it is now possible to select different Music On Hold (MOH) class in individual cases in the dialplan. As a multi-tenant IVR builder, the Q-Suite Visual DIalplan Builder has long offered tenant-specific Music on Hold classes. It is now simple to select different MOH options for different paths of the IVR. Additional features include better feedback and retry capabilities for extension dialing inside the IVR, and the ability to apply functionality after the caller has hung up. This latter feature allows the saving of data and use of IVR features such as web services or call tracking to continue, ensuring that no information is lost before it can be handled correctly. 

"Dialplans and Interactive Voice Response systems are a hugely important element of any call center software" said Stephen Ray, a senior Director at Indosoft, developer of the Q-Suite. "With the Q-Suite 5.7.7 Visual Dialplan Builder, we are offering true drag-and-drop functionality which greatly simplifies the task of building an effective IVR. With features like post-hangup call processing, clients are able to post call information to external systems or save call details within the system for later use. Q-Suite 5.7.7 has set the bar high for multi-tenant call center software, and we are constantly pushing the boundaries of what is expected in the contact center." 

About Indosoft Inc. 
Indosoft Inc. is the developer of Q-Suite, a robust, feature-rich multi-tenant call center software. High Availability (HA) deployment of Q-Suite with redundancy, provides fault tolerance against system failures. Q-Suite is a cost-effective and powerful contact center software to drive Asterisk based cloud contact center solutions. It has a large install base of premise and hosted contact centers around the world.