Q-Suite 6 Introduces Application Server Which Improves Reliability and Efficiency

With the introduction of an Application Server, Q-Suite 6 sees vast improvement in efficiency and reliability
New application server provides reliability and accuracy

Indosoft Inc., developer and distributor of the world-class Asterisk based contact center software Q-Suite, announces the inclusion of an application server to improve system efficiency and reliability.

The new Q-Suite 6 platform is based on the latest Java Enterprise standards. By conforming to many of these standards, the system avoids locking itself into a specific piece of software for many key components of the suite. Much of the suite runs on Wildfly, an open application server providing built-in scalability and failover. Most communication and logic goes through a central set of components that are deployed on each system in an installation or a node in a cluster. A single, documented set of APIs provides a consistent interface to the other components in the system. The API built is used by the various components in the suite, not just by external clients. The APIs available on each system are accessible through WebSockets, HTTP REST, and STOMP. STOMP is a simple text-based messaging protocol. It is used for core communication. It adds the benefit of manual message acknowledgement so disconnected clients can recover a failed message delivery. Database access has been decoupled from many of the components and migrated to the application server layer. Coordinated access to data from a large number of components with high concurrency without sacrificing failover capabilities is now possible. Communication with the database is based on Java standards and is not tied to a specific database system, which allows for more options when rolling out a database. In addition to clustering technologies built in to the platform, all systems in an installation are connected through a messaging system provided by Wildfly. A client can invoke a variety of services and access numerous resources in the suite without having to worry about where the resource is located or how to contact a specific service. Client can now receive call notifications and other messages from an Asterisk server by connecting to any of the Wildfly instances. Service calls are made transactional beyond simple database transactions to keep much of system running safely and consistently in the event of a failure. The messaging system itself provides reliable delivery and storage of communications between components.

"The creation and integration of the application server is a substantial leap forward in the evolution of the Q-Suite," said Gabe Bourque, CEO. "Q-Suite 6 has prioritized reliability and efficiency, making deployment, distribution, and usability of our contact center software as seamless as possible. With the new infrastructure of the system components, server stress and workload should be drastically decreased, allowing you to greatly scale your operations with less hardware."

About Indosoft Inc.: 
Indosoft Inc. is a global provider of call center solutions based on Q-Suite, its flagship multi-channel contact center suite. Q-Suite is a powerful call center software with installations around the world. It is also available to Indosoft technology partners for offering private label managed services using Asterisk. Indosoft licenses Q-Suite ACD with .NET, Socket and web services libraries for use in Asterisk based custom ACD applications.