Q-Suite ACD Enhances Script Builder to Offer BriteVerify Email Verification

Q-Suite, the industry leading cloud call center software for Asterisk from Indosoft, now offers the ability to perform real-time email verification from within its powerful agent-customer interaction script builder.

Q-Suite 5.7, the leading contact center Software for Asterisk telephony, announces the addition of a new Script Builder component to perform real-time email verification. The web based agent customer interaction Script Builder within Q-Suite, already one of the most advanced script building tool available for any call center software, is a GUI driven drag and drop tool to build powerful customer interaction scripts for live agents. This ability to verify email address in real-time is a valuable tool for collecting and managing accurate customer information. 

BriteVerify offers email verification service accessible through its API. The Q-Suite Script Builder is a powerful Graphical User Interface (GUI) drag and drop WYSIWYG editor that enables quick and easy development of powerful custom scripts supporting dynamic customer interactions for inbound services and outbound campaigns. The Script Builder offers the ability to create custom fields, set up conditional display, allow for branching, embed web-enabled CRM/custom applications, and interface with external applications using web services. The ability to incorporate real-time email verification in agent scripts will add to better customer relationship management (CRM). 

"Very much like the Visual Dialplan Builder for IVR scripting, the Visual Script Builder is a tool for building powerful customer agent interaction scripts", says James Terhune, Chief Technology Officer at Indosoft. "We offer Visual GUI driven tools within the call center software that allow the creation of incredibly powerful scripts with minimum effort, whether it be for IVR or for live agents. The addition of the email verification plug-in is yet another example of a powerful feature built into Q-Suite Visual Script Builder" 

About Indosoft Inc. 
Indosoft Inc. is the developer of Q-Suite, the leading call center software for Asterisk-based contact centers. Q-Suite is offered around the world directly or through its resellers. This contact center ACD is also available for enterprises requiring ready Cloud deployment through Vitalvox. Q-Suite is a cost-effective multi-tenant contact center software with a full feature PBX that is also available as a white- or private-label solution.