Q-Suite Enhances HA Asterisk SIP Proxy to Improve Load Balancing

Indosoft improves High Availability SIP Proxy to offer improved load balancing for large on-premise and Cloud Call Center Software deployments.

Indosoft announces enhancements to its HA SIP Proxy, a vital component of Q-Suite's patented call survival mechanism, to improve load balancing on Asterisk. For both Cloud- and premise-based installations, the Asterisk HA SIP proxy plays a critical role in Q-Suite's ability to restore on-going calls without either of the end-points re-initiating a call in the event of either a hardware or software failure in the system. This new enhancement will allow Q-Suite to offer load balancing on Cloud-based and on-premise installations with multiple Asterisk telephony servers. 

Scaling and high availability are critical components for any mission critical call center software deployment. Q-Suite is a complete contact center ACD that can now offer both scaling and HA through load balancing and call survival. The load balancing is now incorporated into the semi-intelligent HA SIP Proxy which leverages the advantages of built-in features in Asterisk PBX for media handling, performing transcoding, and bridging calls at the lower level. 

Large contact center operations with multiple Asterisk servers can use the load balancing feature within Q-Suite to evenly distribute inbound ACD calls and PBX calls. Predictive load balancing for outbound dialing will allow a more sensible distribution of calls across multiple telephony servers. Another important aspect is the benefit of load balancing calls transferred to outside a contact center for the purpose of referral. In the event of any Asterisk server being out of commission, the High Availability design also allows the HA SIP Proxy to exclude it till such time when the server is operational. 

"Combining High Availability design with the load balancing feature is essential to the deployment of large scale Asterisk based contact centers and PBX systems. With the growth and acceptance of Cloud deployments in both private and public hosted services, Q-Suite ACD for Asterisk can scale to meet the operational requirements of very large installations," says Gabe Bourque, Chief Executive Officer at Indosoft. "With Q-Suite call survival, there is the immediate benefit that goes well beyond traditional HA, and the load balancing feature within the HA model offers the ability to scale Q-Suite to build out large cloud contact centers." 

About Indosoft Inc. 
Indosoft Inc. is the global provider of call center software used with Asterisk telephony servers. Q-Suite is offered around the world directly or through its resellers. This contact center ACD is also available for enterprises requiring ready Cloud deployment through Vitalvox. Q-Suite is a cost-effective multi-tenant contact center software with a full feature PBX that is available as white and private label solution.