Q-Suite Enhances Multi-channel ACD Call Routing for Customer Service Applications

Indosoft announces enhancements to Q-Suite, the industry leading Multi-tenant contact center software for Asterisk, with additional call routing capabilities to improve Multi-channel ACD routing for Customer Service and Help Desk applications.

Q-Suite, the leading multi-tenant contact center software for Asterisk, announces new routing capabilities available within its multi-channel ACD for effective call routing. This will allow intelligent routing by streamlining the different channels of customer service operations. Organizations using phone, email, and web channels for offering customer support and help desk, can take advantage of this functionality to increase efficiency and enhance overall productivity. 

With phone, email and web based support becoming integral to customer service operations, the multi-channel ACD can queue phone calls, emails, and web generated trouble tickets into specific queues, with every individual queue having an assigned priority and skill-sets essential for handling the queue. The call center software has a built-in Visual Call Flow Designer, with drag and drop capability to design and built the required call work-flow dialplan. The new inbound call routing functionality now available within this Visual Call Flow Designer, takes an input parameter from the incoming contact, compares it to a list of values and makes a determination on the routing and the destination. The list, made up of value-destination pairs, can be derived from the existing database information or uploaded through a file. The destination can be a queue, an extension, voicemail or even an external DID. Once in the appropriate queue, the distribution is further controlled by the queue priority and skills based routing. 

Even with long term data for Work Force Management (WFM), it is a challenge at times to have appropriate staffing to handle customer service within the service standards of the Service Level Agreement (SLA). Large volume of customer support inquiries funneled through phone, email, and web trouble tickets during the same period, will require intelligent work-flow routing within the multi-channel call center ACD. The new functionality can not only organize the routing but can also associate key additional data necessary for providing script pop-up information while presenting the call. 

"A call center ACD offers queues with skills based routing where the calls are routed to the most appropriately skilled employee available at that time," said Justin Traer, Director of Support Services at Indosoft. "Contact center solutions with multi-channel ACD offer skills based routing and queue prioritization for phone calls, emails, and web channels. Having intelligent routing is a wonderful opportunity to introduce greater efficiency and enhance productivity." 

About Indosoft 
Indosoft Inc. is the developer of Q-Suite, a robust, feature-rich, and scalable Multi-tenant Call Center Software for Asterisk. Q-Suite provides fault tolerance against system failure through its High Availability (HA) deployment. Developed for the technology stack Asterisk, Linux, Apache, and MySQL, Q-Suite is a cost-effective and powerful contact center software that can scale for multi-tenant Cloud services using Asterisk clusters.