Q-Suite, the Leading Cloud Contact Center Software for Asterisk Telephony, Offers Real-Time Event Broadcasting of Multi-Channel ACD Activities

Indosoft announces the availability of an event broadcaster daemon for Q-Suite, the industry leading multi-tenant contact center software for Asterisk, to monitor and broadcast, user, agent, and telephony channel events to third party applications for real-time tracking.

Q-Suite, the leading multi-tenant contact center software deployed with Asterisk telephony platform, now offers an event broadcaster daemon to disseminate user, agent, and telephony channel events in real-time, Third party applications listening to the broadcast can monitor specific events and effectively track contact center activities in real-time. 

Q-Suite has a powerful multi-channel ACD for voice, email, and web channels. The ACD scales and manages multiple Asterisk servers through the Asterisk Manager Interface (AMI). The event broadcaster daemon for Q-Suite can track user events like DTMF key inputs for Agent and SIP channels. Using this interface, third party applications can acquire real-time details like the start and end of a call as well as other important events during the life of the call. It is also possible to introduce custom events during the call-flow within the Interactive Voice Response (IVR) using Q-Suite's Visual Call-flow Builder (Visual Dialplan Builder) tool, to setup and track events during the call. The event tracking data provides third party applications, real-time information for building powerful analytic and reporting tools. 

Q-Suite is a complete contact center software designed from the ground up as a multi-tenant software for Asterisk telephony. Q-Suite based cloud contact center solutions benefit from a technology stack consisting of Linux, Asterisk, Apache, MySQL and other powerful open source software that considerably lower the cost of ownership. The availability of tools like the broadcaster daemon, visual IVR builder, customer interaction Script Builder, and the real-time reporting engine makes Q-Suite one of the most powerful call center software for cloud and premise based deployments. Indosoft also offers Q-Suite based managed cloud contact center services, eliminating the complexity of implementing a contact center solution. 

"Cloud contact center solutions are cost-effective, easy to scale, and eliminate complexity," said Gabriel Bourque, CEO at Indosoft. "Our research and development at Indosoft is continuously raising the bar for contact center software by bringing advanced features like the broadcaster daemon, to make Asterisk based contact center solutions exceed the expectations of the industry while keeping costs low." 

About Indosoft 
Indosoft Inc. is the developer of Q-Suite, a robust, feature-rich multi-tenant call center software. High Availability (HA) deployment of Q-Suite with redundancy, provides fault tolerance against system failures. Q-Suite is a cost-effective and powerful contact center software to drive Asterisk based cloud contact center solutions. It has a large install base of premise and hosted contact centers around the world.