Q-Suite's Visual Dialplan Builder Integrates Web Service Calls into IVR Call-Flow to Provide Powerful Interaction with Business Systems

The Visual Dialplan Builder tool within Q-Suite, the industry leading Cloud contact center software from Indosoft, can now be used to build call-flows incorporating web service calls that use data from the Interactive Voice Response (IVR) as input parameters.

Indosoft enhances the Visual Dialplan Builder to enable the execution of web services from within an IVR Dialplan. With this new feature in Q-Suite, the leading multi-tenant software for Asterisk, the data captured in an IVR can be used as input parameters for the web service calls. The IVR data and the web service responses are available in the Dialplan for further decision making within the IVR. 

Effective web services created to make database dips to back-end systems can take significant advantage of this feature. At the Dialplan level, the contact center software can invoke these web service calls using the data collected at the IVR and obtain return values to make branching decisions. This feature provides a simple yet powerful way to integrate the IVR into Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and reporting systems as well. When incoming calls pass through an IVR, this feature can be used for a variety of applications like validating customers, setting up priority caller-list, sending data to reporting systems, or applying custom business rules for branching into the right queue. 

"Q-Suite for Asterisk is an impressive multi-channel ACD with skills based routing and queue prioritization for phone calls, emails, and web channels. Modern contact center operations depend on web services calls to perform and validate various business functions. Providing a method to invoke these web services from within the Visual Dialplan Builder tool will greatly improve customer service and enhance efficiency," said Gabe Bourque, CEO at Indosoft. "Q-Suite's Dialplan Builder can now be used to construct very effective visual call-flows that invoke web services with parameters captured at the IVR. The web service responses can be used to influence the decision making while branching into queues setup with skills based routing and prioritization." 

About Indosoft 
Indosoft is a leader in contact center technology for Asterisk telephony. Its flagship product Q-Suite is a robust, feature-rich, scalable, and multi-tenant contact center software. Q-Suite provides fault tolerance against system failure through its High Availability (HA) system. This HA is backed by its patented call survival technology. Developed for the technology stack Asterisk, Linux, Apache, and MySQL, Q-Suite is a cost-effective and powerful Cloud contact center solution.