Q-Suite for Asterisk Augments Multi-Channel ACD with Real-Time Routing Control

Indosoft Inc., the developers of Q-Suite, announces the release of a new control function for its multi-channel ACD to advance priority call handling and call volume surges, in real-time.

Indosoft Inc., developers of Q-Suite, the industry leading multi-tenant contact center software for Asterisk, releases additional routing control function for its multi-channel ACD. This function provides the ability to queue an on-going customer contact interaction to the top of a queue when there is a necessity to handle a priority call. In a multi-channel contact center, when calls and emails are routed to the agents based on queue priority using skills-based-routing, this offers an additional degree of flexibility to defer working on a ticket, handle a priority voice call, and revert back to the ticket. 

Dictated by the business requirements, numerous queues are set-up within the call center software, with each queue having an assigned priority and associated skills. The multi-channel ACD with its built-in Interactive Voice Response (IVR), routes and holds the calls and the emails in the appropriate queue, for distribution. Skills-based-routing and queue prioritization dictate the distribution of calls and emails. With the introduction of this new control function, an agent handling an email contact will be able to take an incoming priority call while having the ability to route the existing ticket back to the top of a queue to continue working on it once the priority work is completed. 

For Asterisk telephony, Q-Suite ACD is designed specifically to deliver efficient Queue management, offering Skills-based-Routing for voice, email, and web. The contact center ACD handles call distribution based on skills, routing the contacts to the highest skilled employee available while using queue priority to establish precedence. This new control is a supplementary mechanism that provides a method to introduce additional resources to handle surges in call volume or high priority calls, after the call distribution based on skills-based routing, to better deliver Service Levels Agreements (SLA). 

"Customer service operations benefit immensely from the superior call routing and distribution capability of Q-Suite ACD", says Gabriel Bourque, CEO of Indosoft. "Q-Suite is a sophisticated multi-channel ACD offering skills based routing and queue prioritization. The additional control will provide the right balance between responding to high priority calls while ensuring that all customer contacts are handled when using Skills-based-routing within the multi-channel ACD." 

About Indosoft Inc. 
Indosoft Inc. is the developer of Q-Suite, a highly scalable, multi-tenant contact center software for Asterisk. Q-Suite is a multi-channel ACD that can queue phone calls, emails, and web generated trouble tickets into the ACD queues for efficient distribution. Q-Suite API comes with .NET and XML libraries for CTI integration to third party customer service solutions. It offers fault tolerance with redundancy through its High Availability (HA) deployment. Q-Suite contact center solutions with Asterisk telephony are installed around the world, in the Cloud and on premise.