Q-Suite offers enhanced Business Intelligence driven Dialer

Organizations can make effective use of business intelligence to develop dialing strategies that can control the Q-Suite Dialer and achieve better customer contact and closure.

Q-Suite, a leading call center software for Asterisk, now offers Business Intelligence driven strategies for launching outbound campaigns with its Dialer. Q-Suite comes with powerful campaign management capabilities that include predictive, preview and progressive dialing driven by Lists, that can effectively be managed using its List management tools. The Web API allows Business Intelligence to drive Live Leads for immediate dialing. For each dialing list, Q-Suite allows skills based routing of the customer contact to the most optimal available agent. 

Outbound dialing campaigns depend on successful closure of transactions during customer contact as much as Dialer driven lead list penetration. This demands greater sophistication in dialing strategies as well as better contact handling strategies. Mass dialing using Predictive Dialers cannot offer this sophistication without the use of business intelligence. Q-Suite, the leading call center software for Asterisk, has built-in features to allow better integration to domain specific business intelligence. While its Web API for inserting Live Leads provides control over the dialing list, skills based routing within Q-Suite connects calls to the most optimal agent. 

Q-Suite offers the ability to setup list driven campaigns as well as list driven queues. Several concurrent lists drive a campaign with an associated set of agents. A list driven queue is skills based with agent skills association. With the Web API, live and hot leads can be inserted into any list. These feature-sets, when controlled by business intelligence, greatly enhances the productivity of a Dialer driven outbound campaign. 

"Our customers want to exercise control over the Dialer using real-time business intelligence", says Justin Traer, Director of Support Services at Indosoft Inc. "Live Lead inserts using Web API and Skills based routing to the most optimal available agent are two essential features with Q-Suite that provide control over dialing strategies. We are constantly enhancing our call center software to meet the evolving needs of the outbound contact center industry." 

About Indosoft Inc.

Indosoft Inc. is a global provider of call center software for Asterisk. It provides Unified Communications solutions to medium and large contact centers with Q-Suite, its flagship product. Q-Suite, its industry leading contact center ACD and Dialer software for Asterisk, is made available for private label technology solutions. Indosoft licenses its ACD for Asterisk with .NET and Socket libraries to enterprises requiring CTI Integration using Asterisk in their product line.