Responda Integrates its Customer Interaction System to Indosoft's Contact Center ACD

Responda completes the development of its Customer Interaction Platform by integrating to Indosoft's Q-Suite ACD.

Responda, a leading provider of customer and answering services, has successfully launched its new Customer Interaction Platform powered by Indosoft's contact center suite. With the integration of its Agent-Customer interaction system to Q-Suite ACD, Responda has unleashed a powerful, multi-channel, feature-rich contact center platform that fulfills its complex answering services requirements. 

As the leading multi-tenant software for contact centers using Asterisk, Q-Suite offers full ACD functionality with skills-based routing and queue prioritization. It comes with many built-in tools including a powerful GUI based Call-Flow Builder for setting up IVR, with Database integration, integration to Text-to-Speech (TTS) and Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) Engines. Q-Suite offers .NET and Web Services API for CTI integration to custom business workflow applications. Its detailed cradle-to-grave data capture is designed to fulfill the most complex reporting requirements of modern contact centers. Outbound contact center operations can effectively use the dialer, capable of running multiple concurrent campaigns, in both Predictive and Preview dialing mode. 

"We offer services that are completely customizable to customer needs. This allows our customers to focus on their core business and be safe in the knowledge that their customer service is represented in an exemplary manner. To achieve this, we were looking to integrate our Customer Interaction System to a powerful, reliable and feature-rich new generation IP contact center suite," stated Joakim Ögren, President at Responda. "Our custom agent application was able to incorporate Q-Suite's full-featured Call Center ACD with all its standard features and out of the box functionality, using its rich web services API for CTI integration. Our primary focus is to help our clients build and strengthen relationships with their customers. This implementation of multi-channel IP-enabled Asterisk based solution using Q-Suite has helped us expand our call center capabilities while avoiding expensive proprietary equipment lock-in." 

"Selecting the right contact center technology is crucial to improving productivity while bringing down costs," said Gabe Bourque, Chief Executive Officer at Indosoft. "Q-Suite's scalable ACD and its use of Asterisk for voice media, makes it ideal for companies like Responda to build their unique IP enabled contact center technology platform. Q-Suite API for CTI integration allows businesses to fully incorporate industry leading ACD and Dialer functionality within their existing applications. Q-Suite offers high availability and software redundancy necessary for call centers of all sizes that are migrating to Asterisk to benefit from IP telephony." 

About Responda
Responda is a provider of professional answering service for companies, everything from occasional telephone standby to full responsibility for the switchboard number and customer service. Responda offers services that are completely customizable to customer needs, allowing customers to focus on their core business and be safe in the knowledge that the company is represented in an exemplary manner. 

About Indosoft
Indosoft Inc. is a global provider of contact center software and technology for Asterisk based call centers. It has been providing high availability call center solutions with redundancy to medium and large contact centers around the world for over ten years. It also licenses its ACD for Asterisk with .NET, Socket and XML libraries to enterprises utilizing Asterisk in their product line. Indosoft has been making available Q-Suite ACD for private label contact center technology solutions.