Q-Suite 6 Unifies APIs for Unified Communications in Call Center Software

Indosoft announces that its next generation contact center ACD software unifies its various APIs into a consistent whole. This makes it easier to integrate with existing applications, or build on reporting functionality.
Unified APIs for Unified Communications

Indosoft announces that its upcoming next-generation call center suite features a complete overhaul of its Application Programming Interface (API). Previous versions of Q-Suite offered APIs to access functionality and reporting. The evolutionary nature of Q-Suite development meant that APIs were not always consistent from application to application.

Q-Suite 6 represents a ground-up re-engineering of the call center software to better handle the tasks of the modern call center. The importance of Unified Communications (UC) and how UC is managed is just one example of the major changes in call centers since Q-Suite was first developed. The APIs were modernized in conjunction with development. A RESTful architecture, along with modern technologies such as Websockets and JSON make it easy to integrate Q-Suite with third-party applications.

"Developers want a consistent API to use whether they're building a report, or a fully-featured agent interface" said Indosoft CEO, Gabe Bourque. "Whether the communication is a phone call, email or web chat, integrators need to be able to treat it the same. Q-Suite 6 allows them to do this."

About Indosoft Inc.: 
Indosoft Inc. is a provider of contact center solutions based on Q-Suite, its flagship software suite. Q-Suite is a powerful multi-channel call center software with installations around the world. It is available to Indosoft technology partners offering private label managed services using Asterisk. Indosoft licenses Q-Suite with .NET, Socket and web service libraries for use in custom ACD applications.