Predictive Dialing for Asterisk-based Outbound Call Centers

Predictive Dialing

Predictive Dialers are used by outbound call centers to keep their call center agents talking on the phone. It can provide live connects within 10 to 15 seconds from the time an agent wraps up a call. In order to achieve this, a predictive dialer dials more phone numbers than the available number of agents to answer the calls, at any given time. Predictive dialing is based on computer algorithms that decide how many phone numbers the PBX should dial out, for a given number of agents. The optimizing algorithm for predictive dialing tries to match the number of connects at any given time to the number of agents available. The factors such as the quality of leads, the time of day and the immediate statistical past determine the connect rate. Generally when a call is picked up and there are no available agents to answer the call, it gets dropped and the person on the other end does not get to hear an agent. The FCC in United States and the CRTC in Canada have strict guidelines governing dropped calls. Predictive dialer technology needs to be compliant with such guidelines as the 3% dropped call limit. The PBX running the predictive dialer is expected to play a recorded message announcing the dropped call with details in conformity with the regulation. 

Low end predictive dialers with tone detection to identify Busy, No-Answer and other call terminations do not have high degree of accuracy in identifying the call termination. Modern predictive dialers use either ISDN PRI or VoIP terminations.

Power Dialing

Indosoft predictive dialer is a very sophisticated dialer capable of predictive, preview and power dialing. It is a lot easier to do predictive dialing with large number of agents. When you have a small set of warm leads, power dialing with minimum drops will serve better. It is important to allow the dialer to pace.

An overview of the Indosoft predictive dialer for Asterisk

If your organization makes outbound calls, a platform that incorporates a predictive dialer will increase productivity and save you time and money. Indosoft's Predictive Dialer intelligently paces calls, to ensure your agents spend most of their time interacting with customers. Only the successful (live) calls are transferred to agents, a process that takes a fraction of a second. This predictive dialer software is fully compliant with FCC guidelines for dropped rate and playing the dropped call message. 

However, Indosoft offers much more than a traditional 'out-of-the-box' dialer. Our full featured system empowers you to create sophisticated scripts, schedule and manage call backs, record and listen to live calls, manage leads and terminations, and provide agents with the up-to-the-minute information they need to maximize call effectiveness. Indosoft Outbound call center software suite is fully customizable to suit your specific requirements, with extremely user-friendly management features. The outbound call center suite is also scalable, so the system grows with your company, providing a quick return on investment. The choice to setup as a multi-tenant model, combined with remote management capabilities, ensure that one integrated platform can handle multiple call centers. Cutting edge technology, such as soft-phones and TDM and VoIP terminations, 'future proof' your investment: the Indosoft outbound solution facilitates long-term business efficiency. This Predictive dialer represents remarkable value for money, as it boasts sophisticated features that surpass those of much more expensive competitors. Indosoft also offer unparalleled support to our clients, 7 days a week. Traditional predictive dialers offer a limited service, increasing your call volume. In contrast, the Indosoft system takes care of everything you need to build a successful outbound business.