Workforce Management Software Integration With Real-time and Historical Reporting

Real-time and Historical Report feed for Workforce Management Software Integration

Asterisk Call Center software

Real-time ACD and Dialer Reporting

Q-Suite offers comprehensive real-time reporting on all facets of the contact center ACD and Dialer activity. Real-time monitoring software offers Agent, Queue, ACD and Dialer activity details of the contact center floor through real-time data feeds. Supervisor dashboards provide key performance indicators using the real-time data feeds for ACD, Queue, Dialer and Agent activity. Any Workforce Management Software can obtain a continuous feed of this data through the WFM integration module available within Q-Suite.

  • Live Agent State Updates
  • Live ACD, Queue and Dialer Stats
  • Live and historical updates for WFM Software
  • Live updates for other applications like Call Recording

Historical Contact Center Reporting

Historical data based on accumulated real-time data provides a comprehensive statistical insight into Agent, Queue, ACD, Dialer and Campaign performance. Q-Suite will provide,

  • Agent Time profile with a break down of the States like Talking, Wrap-up, Waiting for Call, DND, etc.
  • Q-Performance indicating the SLA as a function of Queue Wait time
  • Call Logs and CDR records for each call
  • Agent Activity with emphasis on Call Handling success
  • Dialer performance
  • Abandoned Call Detail and Stats

Supervisor Dashboard

Supervisor Dashboard is a collection of Real-time and Quality Control tools available with the Supervisors to manage the floor activity of the Contact Center. They include the ability to,

  • Listen/Record/Whisper Live Agent Calls
  • Listen to Call Recordings
  • Monitor Live Agent Activity and States
  • View ACD and Queue Dashboard
  • View and Manage Dialer Activity