Indosoft Support

Indosoft support services are designed to fulfill and exceed the faith and expectation of our clients, when they invest in Indosoft's products and services. Our products are automatically covered for support for the first year and can be renewed for subsequent years at a nominal cost. This support accessible by phone, pager, and e-mail and is one of the best in the industry and covers 7days a week, 9 a.m. EST to 9 p.m. PST. Customers with DSL access will experience less than 15 minutes of turn-around time for all software issues. In most cases, the knowledgeable and trained staff will provide immediate relief from the issue. 

The support is defined at the early stages of a project or product acquisition and an experienced team member will participate in explaining the levels of support and develop the appropriate support plan. 

Over and beyond the standard support options Indosoft also offers real time remote production support for its suite of products. 

Indosoft has been providing total remote production support for Organizations using its suite of products with hardware redundancy at site,. We have a very successful track record of providing production support to companies located as far away as West Coast of U.S. and Canada , for well over 4 years. 

Indosoft can execute custom Service Level Agreements with individual clients to cater to the organizational needs. The service level agreements will classify support issues into tiers and mandate response time and escalation procedures. 

Support Highlights

  • On call support staffed 7 days a week
  • (9 AM Eastern Standard Time to 9 PM Pacific Standard Time – 15 hrs/ day)
  • Service Level Agreement (Guaranteed response time aligned with your requirements)
  • Software Updates
  • Bug Fixes and Patches
  • Remote Access Support
  • Telephony and Server Hardware Diagnostics
  • Access to a Blog site for all customers to freely express and exchange ideas and views on all matters