VoIP SIP or IAX Terminations for Asterisk PBX

Planning for VoIP termination for your call center

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) has become an integral part of the consumer and business markets. VoIP has introduced radical change in the pricing of the long distance traffic. Call center operators are critically looking at VoIP as a avenue for cost reduction. Every call center will require an interconnection into the telecommunication network to route and accept voice traffic. Traditionally it was done through ISDN PRI. Now we can terminate voice traffic into the telecommunication network through VoIP connectivity using SIP or IAX. There are many VoIP termination providers who will provide termination service for your traffic. This communication is similar to any other data communication. Unlike data, voice conversations require that the data packets arrive on time and without loss. Therefore it is important to ensure that interconnection between the call center and the termination provider is as direct as possible and without delay. In simple terms, you need sufficient bandwidth without lag. One way of ensuring this is to have the same service provider, provide you with internet bandwidth. This ensures that your voice data never leaves the service provider bandwidth before hitting the entry point in the telecommunication switch.