Predictive Dialing

Benefits of predictive dialing for your outbound call center

Predictive dialing within an efficient outbound dialing platform should increase the talk time of the agents. Good campaign data management, easy agent interface for presenting and collecting data, an efficient predictive dialer and good reporting are essential to effective campaign management which will increase the productivity of the call center.

Call center software with Predictive, Preview and Agent Ready dialing

Indosoft Outbound call center software provides the necessary tools and functionality required to setup a robust enterprise grade call center with an efficient FCC compliant predictive dialing. Indosoft provides a superior ACD Queueing Engine tightly integrated with Asterisk for call routing and management features that include preview and agent ready dialing as well as a compact CRM to manage the list and the leads. Our outbound call center platform with predictive dialing will increase the ability of the call center agents to reach more customers, faster and efficiently. This will reduce the overall cost through the automation of both the dialing and data associated with the outbound dialing operation.

Predictive Dialing:

Indosoft offers one of the most efficient FCC compliant predictive dialer which is integrated to Asterisk PBX. This self-pacing predictive dialer with a control loop will automatically adjust the pace of the dialing to optimize the talk time, without exceeding the limit on the dropped calls. The dialer can concurrently run multiple campaigns with numerous call lists providing high penetration.

Agent scripting tool:

We offer one of the most advanced web enabled agent scripting and data collection tool. The script builder is easy to configure and can integrate web applications as well as provide logic, branching and data capture. Unique custom data fields can be created to suit the business needs of each campaign. The scripting tool provides ability to start and stop voice recording within the script pages.


The Indosoft outbound call center software provides advanced cradle-to-grave statistics and detailed performance reports.

Dialer dashboard:

The outbound predictive dialer dashboard will allow the call center manager to determine the quality of the list by providing a real-time view of the performance along with the historical view of the past performance. The live dashboard will provide instantaneous report on the performance of the individual lists to enable the manager to make quick decision.

Campaign Management:

Indosoft provides an advanced wizard to setup and effectively manage multiple campaigns within the outbound platform. Several simultaneous campaigns can run concurrently with each campaign having its own set script pages, client data, lead loading template, call dispositions and schedules.

Call Recording and Live Monitoring:

Indosoft outbound dialing platform provides screens to manage the call recording, snoop, barge and whisper features that are intrinsic to Asterisk PBX.