ACD for Contact Centers

Inbound Contact Center Software with ACD and Skills-based routing

Inbound contact center ACD

Why Q-Suite for your Inbound Contact Center?

The Indosoft call center software for Asterisk delivers a complete inbound contact center right out of the box. Its mature contact center software layer leverages the power of Asterisk as PBX to provide all the required functionality. The call center software has a built-in ACD with skills based routing capable of sophisticated call distribution, Queue prioritization and a graphical IVR builder to manage call processing and routing for inbound contact centers. This ACD is an intrinsic part of the Indosoft Q-Suite. The GUI allows easy management of all facets of setting up and running inbound services within the contact center.

What does Q-Suite offer your Inbound Contact Center?

Q-Suite offers one of the most advanced and complete contact center feature-set for Asterisk that you can imagine. It takes the mystery out of setting up your most complex inbound service. Whether you want skills based routing, call distribution, queue prioritization and call recording, listening to live calls or detailed CDR reporting from cradle to grave, it is straight out of the box. Q-Suite running on Asterisk PBX as a backbone of your contact center will result in enormous cost savings for your organization. It has both VoIP and TDM(PRI T1/E1) interface for Telco connections, and you can take advantage of new and emerging connectivity options like G729 and SIP. Your contact center will be able handle premise based agents as well as home based agents alike. You can blend agents or enable agents to do outbound calls while working on inbound campaigns. With detailed Wallboards, you can manage the service level of the contact center effectively to improve customer experience.

ACD Features

  • Skills based routing and Queue prioritization
  • IVR Setup with GUI Dialplan Builder
  • Web services interface to Databases
  • Multiple DID/DNIS per inbound service
  • Script builder with embedded Web applications
  • Custom Wrap-up codes and DND
  • Transfers (Live, Assisted and Consultative)
  • Time of the Day scheduling
  • High Availability and Call Recovery on Single Point Failures

Contact Center Reports

  • Live and Statistical Reports
  • Live Listening and Call recording
  • Wallboards
  • Live Agent Queue Status
  • ACD Queue Reports
  • Agent Performance Report
  • Queue Performance Report
  • Agent Time profiles
  • Ad hoc Report Builder

Inbound Contact Center Setup with Q-Suite

The confluence of IP and telephony as well as the rapid advancement in VoIP has dramatically altered contact center technology. In an internet driven economy where bricks and mortars are being replaced by click and downloads, your organization requires a dynamic and efficient contact center operation. Indosoft call center software Q-Suite for Asterisk offers a complete inbound contact solution, right out of the box. It can be combined with e-mail and chat to create a complete unified solution. Depending on your contact center requirements you can enable outbound dialing as well as blend agents to work on both inbound and outbound. 

The Script building tool within the call center software is powerful enough to satisfy the requirements of most inbound and outbound contact centers. The script builder comes with a powerful array of tools to develop a multi-tab script into which you can embed any web enabled CRM or application. It has a highly customizable database and an excellent predictive dialer.

Cradle to grave reporting is an intrinsic component of the call center software CDR. There are detailed reporting for Agent productivity, Queue and Agent Statistics, Performance reporting, Wallboards and other necessary metrics to manage the operations of your contact center. Voice recording and Listening are built into the standard feature set of the call center software.


Automatic Call Distribution
Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) refers to the ability of the call center software to manage, route and handle interactions. The Q-Suite provides one of the finest ACD for any call center software and is specifically designed to run on Asterisk. The ACD comes with a powerful Dialplan builder for creating sophisticated IVR (Interactive Voice Response). Every call routed to an agent will have detailed call pop-up with DID/DNIS, campaign and Queue information. The ACD is linked to the scripts allowing not only the pop-up of the call and queue detail but also the relevant script including web applications and CRM. 

Key ACD Features

  • Time of the Day, Day of the week, Calender scheduling
  • IVR creation with a sophisticated GUI Dialplan Builder and XML interface to data sources
  • Multiple DID/DNIS per inbound contact center service
  • Queue prioritization, Multiple Music On Hold, Service Level, Branching
  • Skills based routing (Agent skill assignment, Queue Skill assignment)
  • Script builder
  • Custom Call Dispositions and Wrap-up codes
  • DND and Custom DND
  • Detailed CDR
  • Transfers (Live, Assisted and Consultative)
  • Detailed Cradle to Grave Reporting
  • Detailed Live Wall Board
  • API library in .NET and Socket for CTI (Computer Telephony Integration)

High Availability and Call Recovery
Q-Suite is high availability ACD with the ability to preserve calls during any single point of failure, a feature essential for mission critical contact centers. 

Agent Interface

Agent Web Interface
Q-Suite offers web browser agent screen that can be customized and controlled using a powerful set of tools available within the call center software. An extremely sophisticated Script Builder for creation of scripts with custom variables and embedded URL like any web enabled CRM or web-sites. Custom disposition or wrap-up codes as well as custom DND codes allow for detailed reporting of agent activity. 

Agent Web Screen Features

  • Configurable Agent Screen
  • Customizable Screen Layout and Contents
  • Customizable Wrap codes / Disposition
  • Custom Break/DND codes
  • Transfers (Blind/3-way/Consultative)
  • Nail-up and Dial-in feature for Voice
  • Multi-page scripts
  • Client - Info and Incoming Call Details

Agent .NET API integration
Q-suite offers a very powerful .NET library as well as an OCX library to integrate CTI software into your existing custom and native client applications. The .NET API provides complete access and interface to the call center software and its CTI database. This provides you with the opportunity to make the call center software and its CTI engine to work under the hood with your custom CRM or application. 

Socket API integration
Q-suite offers comes with a socket library to allow easy integration of your existing custom CRM or application to the call center software and its database. If you are looking to migrate your vertical application to Asterisk and need a powerful CTI engine with a fully developed ACD, the Q-Suite socket API will provide all the hooks and interface to this powerful call center software.

Contact Center Reports

Indosoft call center software offers detailed cradle to grave reporting for both inbound and outbound contact center operations. These reports cover every aspect of the contact center operations. Agent performance, lead performance, queue performance and media cost performance can be easy monitored. A detailed CDR reporting is also generated by the call center software.

Inbound contact center reports

  • Real-time Agent Status
  • Real-time Queue Status
  • Agent Time Profile
  • Queue Performance Report
  • Agent Queue Performance Report
  • Agent Disposition & Wrap-up Report
  • Media Dollar Call Tracking (DNIS/DID)
  • Live Listening
  • Listening to Voice Recording
  • Custom Reports

Script Builder

Within the call center software, you will find one of the most powerful web based script builder available for contact center solutions on Asterisk. This script builder tool is an invaluable tool in developing scripts, integrating web applications and creating custom variables for your outbound campaign or inbound services. With ability to create multiple script pages, it is possible to have surveys and scripts with branching to the different pages. Simple applications like 'Help Desk' or 'Trouble Ticket' are easy to create and integrate into the call center software. You can embed your Web pages and applications with the script with a click of a button. 

Script Builder Features

  • GUI based WYSWYG Script builder
  • Embed Text with data from the leads and system
  • Create different types of custom fields
  • Trigger various actions like call recording
  • Multi-page script with jump from one page to other based on customer response
  • Integrate your web applications
  • Open web application by passing parameters in the command line within the Script Builder
  • Assign Scripts to Lists (outbound) and Queues(inbound)

Dialplan Builder

Dialplan builder is a GUI tool to develop IVR and call routing in Asterisk from within the call center software. It is an extremely powerful tool to develop call flow. It has an elaborate set of functions to process an incoming call and decide its routing and managements. 

Dialplan Builder Features

  • GUI based WYSWYG Dialplan builder
  • Create sophisticated IVR
  • Database interface
  • Branch options
  • Branch to Queues
  • Branch to Other Dialplans
  • Integrate to Web services
  • Create Billing events for IVR
  • Library of functions for IVR

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