Branding Indosoft call center software ACD for Asterisk IP telephony

Move your telephony platform to Asterisk telephony by licensing and branding Indosoft call center software ACD Q-Suite

Q-Suite - Call center software ACD for Asterisk telephony platform

If you are looking to migrate from legacy CTI platform to IP telephony and considering Asterisk for your VoIP telephony platform, you will also require a scalable, feature-rich ACD. Depending on your application requirement,scaling Asterisk might be necessary once the ACD call load exceeds the the capacity of the server hardware. Call center telephony applications generally require high availability. Indosoft call center ACD provides a feature rich and scalable option which will reduce your time to market and is capable of providing high availability.

Q-Suite call center technology platform is Feature Rich and Scalable


The sophistication of Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) is critical to the efficiency of call handling. Skills based routing, queue prioritization. On-hook, Off-hook agent, agent hot-desk, IVR, queue over-flow, periodic announcements, time of the day scheduling are basic features provided by a good ACD should provide your system the ability to talk to a qualified agent to effectively handle the purpose of the call. Indosoft Q-Suite is a well packaged ACD which comes with a very rich feature set and an easy to use API to integrate to any applications. The .NET and socket API library offers an opportunity for business applications to migrate to Asterisk without a serious investment in R&D.

High Availability call center ACD software


Q-Suite in an advanced contact center software with inbuilt high availability. The high availability option ensures that calls are not dropped due to a single failure. Upon a single failure, the ACD will continue the call through the redundant unit without loss of call. This feature is important for critical telephony ACD applications and is valuable for high value business.

API for the ACD

Indosoft call center software ACD Q-Suite comes with a web interface and a .NET agent interface. Q-Suite also provides a socket API and a .NET API to allow you to embed CTI into any business application. If you are migrating an existing business vertical to Asterisk IP, this set of API will allow easy access to ACD functionality. An accompanying XML library provides complete access to the MySQL database.

Are you considering migrating your multi-tenant call center technology platform?

If you are looking to migrate your call center platform to Asterisk IP telephony, Indosoft call center technology solution presents a great opportunity to exercise complete control over the evolution and growth of your call center ACD technology platform. With Indosoft licensing agreement, you can opt for complete control of your CTI technology. With commercial Asterisk support available through licensing agreements from Digium, the choice of migration to a call center software and ACD based on Asterisk telephony has never been easy.

Looking for an ACD to use with Asterisk to satisfy your IP telephony requirements?

ACD is an essential part of any office functionality. If your business application has a telephony platform and you have been considering Asterisk for your IP telephony, Indosoft call center software will fulfill your ACD requirements. You can license our call center ACD and tailor it to suit your application and exercise control over the future direction of your product.