Welcome to Indosoft Inc, a premier contact center technology solutions provider and developer of Q-Suite, a robust, feature-rich, scalable multi-channel call center software used with Asterisk telephony. With over 15 years of experience in computer telephony know-how, Indosoft offers a worry turn-key installation for setting up and managing Q-Suite's sophisticated multi-channel ACD for inbound, outbound, and virtual call centers. Indosoft's call center software ACD is also available for license to vertical applications. Q-Suite is designed for multi-tenant deployment and comes with a full-feature ACD and an efficient predictive dialer. The call center software ACD allows easy integration of chat and e-mail.

"Feature-Rich and Scalable Contact Center Software for
Asterisk-Based Call Centers"

Q-Suite's ACD design will fulfill the demands of contact centers wanting to use Asterisk as the PBX for their telephony platform. Its unique ACD for Asterisk provides skill-based routing, queue prioritization, virtual/personal queues, and agent hot-desking. The ACD can scale to multiple Asterisk servers seamlessly with call center growth. Q-Suite's predictive dialer is used for a variety of applications such as collections, fundraising, direct sales, and telemarketing. Script and dialplan builder tools within Q-Suite meet the most complex call center software requirements. The ACD also comes with a .NET and socket interface for easy integration into other products requiring CTI.

Multi-channel ACD for Asterisk

Built from the ground up, Q-Suite is a powerful multi-channel ACD built for using Asterisk as the telephony platform in building scalable Cloud contact center solutions. Read more about Q-Suite ACD...

Predictive Dialer

Indosoft Call Center Software Q-Suite offers a multi-campaign, self-pacing, compliant and efficient Predictive Dialer which connects agents to customers without delay. More on our Dialer...

Script Builder

Q-Suite offers a powerful and easy-to-use Script Building tool to develop sophisticated agent-customer interaction scripts with ease of integration to web based CRM and external databases.

Fail-Safe High Availability

With its fail-safe call recovery, Indosoft offers high availability to mission critical call centers with the ability to preserve and continue communicating without dropping ongoing calls in the event of a failure.

If you are contemplating on setting up or migrating a contact center to Asterisk, you will require sophisticated call center software to setup and manage your inbound, outbound and blended contact center requirements. Indosoft Q-Suite is a mature and well developed call center ACD software for Asterisk telephony that will give you all the features required to establish and run a feature-rich, scalable contact center. Q-Suite is multi-tenant and provides all the essential contact center features for both premise based and hosted contact centers. Whether it be an outsourced contact center seamlessly handling inbound calls for its clients or a mission critical contact center requiring an ACD with skills based routing and Queue prioritization, Q-Suite will provide you all the features out of the box. It comes with an efficient predictive dialer, a powerful Script Builder, a graphical Dialplan builder and a host of other features. It also comes with a .NET library for integration of the CTI to your native Windows application or CRM. The detailed cradle to grave reporting, live dashboards and call recording provide granular insight into the functioning of your contact center. With our redundancy and fail-over call recovery, Q-Suite takes Asterisk Call Centers to a completely new level.

Setting up and managing contact center requires sophisticated call center software with rich functionality and ease of use. This scalable Asterisk call center software from Indosoft is built for multi-tenant, multi-campaign use and comes with all the essential tools to setup and manage small, medium and large contact centers. Q-Suite call center software ACD is extremely advanced with robust features that will cover all your contact center functionality requirements. We offer redundant fail-over setup with call recovery. With reliable technical support from the Indosoft support team, setting up or migrating contact centers to Asterisk has never been easier. Contact centers all over the globe have been successfully using Indosoft call center software for a number of years. To find out more, please contact us or read our white paper on migrating large call centers to Asterisk.